Appropriate amount of attack speed?

Hey guys, I'm pretty new to WW Barb but so far he's pretty sweet. Quite the efficient fella. I'm wondering about attack speed though. I've got a decent amount and am curious about the benefits of it other than just DPS on the stat sheet.
For each IAS point I add like 500 DPS, but each CC adds 1100. Would I be better off trying to convert some of these IAS stats into CC, or are there other benefits to attack speed besides DPS?
Do tornados tick more often with higher attack speed?
Are more tornados created with higher attack speed?
Does higher attack speed make WW attacks hit more often, dealing more dmg, and thus stealing more life?
I'm having a hard time determining these things and I'm sure someone has already figured this out. I'd love to hear it.
CC is valuable to WW because crit = fury. IAS is valuable because more attacks per second = more chances to crit and more overall DPS. CC will ideally be 50% or higher when fully buffed. CC can't be too high. Once you reach that level, you want as much attack speed as possible. IAS can't be too high. The only limitation on CC and IAS is really your budget.

Your CC is too low right now. You will gain more fury and do more DPS if you up it. Looking at your gear, your next upgrades should be at least one of the following, preferably two: a Hellfire ring with 4+ CC, bracers with 4+ CC, or helm with 4+ CC. Also, try Overpower - Killing Spree instead of Warcry, and see if you can stay alive. With your fast offhand, you can give up a bit of IAS to get more CC, if necessary, and not compromise the build.
Thanks and I agree that I need more CC. Budget is the main reason I dont have CC on my Lacunis or Mempo. I realize my build would be better overall with more CC, even at the expense of some IAS, but really I'm looking for a guide or details on how IAS affects the WW build specifically. Thanks.
Okay, the details are tedious but here you go:
Cool thanks bro. Don't have time to read thru it now, but it looks like what I'm after. Appreciate it!
Balance is key. Sometimes less cc for more attack speed will gain u more fury/life on hit/life steal/more damage. There are certain breakpoints in attack speed you must reach in order to gain ticks on your sprint tornados. Your tornados number of ticks is determined when u pressed sprint durring whirl wind because often your mainhand and offhand have different attack speeds. While you are in whirl wind you are constantly switching attack speeds from mainhand to offhand. If you have 2.0 attacks per second your sprint tornados will tick 20 times. 1.9 attack speed and they will tick 18 times. 2.24 attacks per second and they will tick 23 times. It is also important that your offhand damage is high as well. I would suggest to try to beat 50% cc with over 2.0 attacks per second with mainhand and offhand. All this while keeping your EHP up as much as possible. There are certain item combos where u can achive easy ehp by replacing +all resistance with +armor. This makes the item considerably cheaper and still very effective. See my profile for ideas where stats can be placed.
Also u will have a maximum of 5 tornados created by sprint if you have 24%movement speed or higher. You will not have 5 tornados if u are at 23% movement speed. And yes your whirlwind will attack faster with more attack speed but you will in turn spend fury faster this way. In a lot of cases this is a good thing because u will constantly need to spend and gain a lpt of fury to keep wrath of the berserker constantly on.
Good thanks. Yeah I was looking at the breakpoints to see what to aim for. Mainly for me right now is I need CC and I'll work on balancing things out as I go. Also...I want your gear...
I didn't know 24% movement speed was required for the 5th tornado... I thought it was movement speed independent and that there's always 5 tornadoes.
I've actually seen both written and am not sure which is correct. I've just gotten used to the speed and am spoiled and can't go back.
Ive tested it with 23% movement speed. Only 4 tornados. So your only options are Lacuni prowlers, compass rose ring, or Innas pants. All other gear other than boots with movement speed really isent worth using.
11/14/2012 11:32 AMPosted by Beeotch
And yes your whirlwind will attack faster with more attack speed but you will in turn spend fury faster this way.

Correction on this statement.

1.0.5 Patch notes:

•Fury cost from 16 to 10
•Attack speed no longer influences the cost of Whirlwind. The end result is that the cost discrepancy between slow weapons and fast weapons has been greatly reduced.
Damn, Beeotch, you're Barb looks really bad !@#.
Thanks Ben. I wasn't playing WW when the patch was released, so didn't pay too much attention to the notes when that change was made. Good to know.

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