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Would I be able to request the Empryean messenger? Trying to build up my monk after a long absence from the game. Loving the new patch.

I just added you, msg me when you're on!
Thanks Kabaly for the polearm, improvement for my barb :)
Hey man I'm online now if you were free
that dawn :-D
That Sever...
I will be on tonight @ 6:30PM.

Stash full of legs I need gone.

Add / MSG me in game.
can i have the centurions tooth please :)
Hey mate.
I don't want to be greedy either, so i will list these in order i could most use them, and if others want them, then they should get them :)

1. Dawn 964 damage?
2. Tiklandian Visage
3. Firewalkers 305 def
4. tzo krins gaze
5. The other firewalkers

Hey Kabaly, will you be on tonight at any time? I've already added you.


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