If you had to pick one most hated affix

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If you had to pick only ONE affix you hate the most, which is it?

Specify your class and affix and why.

For me, it's waller. I'm a DH and moving/vaulting around a lot is mandatory and obviously, the walls hinder that. In addition, I need to use my gloom sparingly. I try and use it when I have direct access to leech life with my arrows but then a wall comes up and I can't leech. Wasted another gloom and didn't get any health back.

Curious about other classes and affixes.
Inb4 Reflect damage avalanche


To me it's vortex. While I can just attack offscreen (I'm a DH) to generate hatred after I've unloaded my cluster arrow, I always have to move closer to unload my cluster arrow if I want it to do it's tons of damage. And if my discipline is low (and you can see I only have 30...gotta work on that!) and I'm vortexed in a pile of plague/desecration/molten/frost it's GG for the most part.
Arcane Sentry or Desecration

I'm a Wiz.

DH here.
I cant say any bother me too much save illusionist....

If they are illusions, why are they able to dmg you? why are they actually clones, able to attack, and dmg you...why do they have some form of health...shouldnt an illusion be just that, an illusion?
Extra Health/Missile Dampening
Mortar. Not because it's hard, but because as a kite Wizard, it's annoying.
@blindv: I've switched to Bola - Thunder ball and it has helped a lot. Changed my most hated affix of fast to second place.
The only two groups of affixes that give me trouble as a DH are:

Arcane + Vortex
Very irritating to vault away and get sucked back in to the arcane beams.

Fast + RD
Whether the mobs be fast natively or are made faster, it can be challenging to move around and survive. As much as it annoys me to run into packs like that, it makes the game more challenging.

There is no single affix that gives my DH any real troubles by itself.
Molten - I'm a Monk.
As a CM wizard, shielding is by far the most irritating affix, but it has improved greatly compared to the previous incarnation of the affix.
11/02/2012 06:54 AMPosted by Mist3rHyde
Molten - I'm a Monk.

^ Same for me..
11/02/2012 06:54 AMPosted by Mist3rHyde
Molten - I'm a Monk.

I swear, I feel like it casts when it knows your evasive skill is on cool down.

"Whats dat, mr. WD? Just cast spirit walk? Time to vortex you into a pool of liquid hot magma! Sorry brah"
Alone, none of them, but arcane sentry combinations are the worst.
Fed up of walls , just slows the game down for me , not too bad outside but in corridors etc its a pain .

Depending on what it is paired with, Vortex is the worst.
Arcane sentry I suppose.
RD for sure, I can handle everything else pretty well.

RD just means it takes me longer to kill the elites, wasting my time.
as a cm/ww wiz, definitely knockback. i believe nightmarish falls into that category too

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