If you had to pick one most hated affix

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Either vortex or waller, but if I had to choose it would be waller. Although only on the blue packs. The yellow wall is fine, there is always somewhere you can go (vault through monsters) and it doesn't stop movement for the first second after it is placed unlike the blue pack wallers. They constantly have 3 walls up (spawn another right after one finishes) and the walls always spawn right on top of you. It seems like it waits a second to "push" you onto one side of the wall and during this time there is insane rubber banding or complete inability to move. Also the walls frequently completely block you off from elite and of course the elites can hit you but you can't hit them on the other side of the wall... btw I am DH.
As a wizard, this is my bane. Nothing worse than getting pulled into their little death-trap despite all the hard work I spend dodging their crap and what not. The rest is just easy, in exception to Reflect... takes a little bit of skill to single them out so I don't get killed nuking the whole group.

The weakest, imo, is Vampiric. They really need to ramp it up so that it's more than a "Oh hey, a null affix! Yay!!"
Monk here. Hmm, it's all dependent on basic monster type, the size of the fighting area and affix combination. There is not one specific thing that I can't stand or deal with. So, I'd have to say that illusionist is probably most my hated.
reflect reflect reflect that paired with walling and jailing , fast ,molten.... rageeeee!!!! hate you dirty lil phase beast!
im a WD. Only thing that can kill me is frozen along with any "wet" attacking skill. molten/descrate/arcane that hits me when spirit walk is on cooldown. other than that all mobs are easy.
Barb - desecrator+any other like affix.
Wiz - Horde or fast.

On a side note extra health is just annoying.
If you want to avoid your most hated affix just roll a Barbarian, put Wrath of the Berserker with Thrive on Chaos onto your bar and voila you don't have to worry about jailer, frozen, vortex and your high life steal and armor will fully protect you from all the damage affixes while you whirl around elite packs. Wallers are just there to give Barbarian players fingers a break.
my most hated affix as a WD is waller, especially if this is combined with multiple arcane sentries. WD's only escape mechanism is spirit walk, which does not work in walls, so if waller is cast alongside with other affixes such as arcane sentry, we're stuck and has no chance to avoid that.
Demonic tremors with fast affix. Hit, block *missing scene* dead.
As a monk, waller is my most irritating. Those stupid enemies surround you with waller and if there is another affix like arcane or molten, the inability to move or break out

As a DH, vortex is the worst. You think you got away from that fast molten group spreading their disease behind them? No !@#$%. we pull you in from half a screen away, and once you land you can hardly move. It's an automatic GG for me, and most times I end up dying at the end of my vault if i manage to vault away.
Def Molten for my Monk, the worst combo I have dealt with was extra health-shielding-molten-horde
11/02/2012 11:17 AMPosted by Razor
demon hunter --> frozen


I never have issues with frozen since you can easily avoid the bursts or just use Smokescreen to break the CC.

Only affix that takes me awhile is Reflect Damage because I have to switch weapons to a less damaging/life on hit/life steal weapon.
Vortex for me, but for obvious reasons.
Deffinitely Reflect damage.

I must attack with Diamond skin on, which make the fight eternal and leave me without a deffensive skill agains other affixes.

And have a high chance of killing myself with 4 strikes.
Vampiric... Uh... Wait, is that an affix?
My hated is waller.
Sure, i also hate RD especially that in Inferno your LIFE REGEN, AND LIFE STEAL ARE NERFED TO SLIGHTLY BELOW USEFUL, but I would at least find some ways to go around it (run like hell and pick up health globes).
Waller is the worst for me not because it traps me (a good smoke screen or vault usually allows me to escape, though sometimes when going against blue elites, they'd wall me in such a way that i can't even move... /b/ch!). It's that they keep blocking my DH's shots!!!

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