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I have 5 60's and while Fast affix isn't really a problem, it becomes a pain when it is combined with already-painful affixes: Molten / Fire Chains. Most especially with creatures that are already innately fast in their normal state.

Perhaps Blizz should look into capping the Movement Speed of the Fast affix. When already-fast + Fast affix mobs are Feared, they flee as fast as a Vault. Just does not look right when they flee even faster than their fast + Fast movement.
Vortex is probably the worse combined with deadly affixes, especially arcane sentry that deals ton of damage.
Illusionist on that beast in act 4 that stun you

I was perma stunned yesterday by them while trying to find the machine plan
only way to beat them was facing them after my WotB is off cool down .. I'm axe and shield ... so now I understand why the other class think wirlwind perma WotB barbs are op hahah ... I don't know how a monk will deal with this stupid elite since we melee class have to get up close and personal

fyi: tried to fight them on stairs, back against a wall even staying in a corner so they don't suround me didn't work ... the only thing that work was fighting them while on WotB >_<
Reflect damage and Arcane Sentry.
Frozen is annoying for me sometimes, but never by itself. But in narrow hallways or caves you can't get out of range. Also I get chain frozen sometimes 3 times in a row. Mix that with any high dmg afix and you are dead.
Extra health. With my !@#$ty dps it's all I can do to damage things without the extra hp.
I cant say any bother me too much save illusionist....

If they are illusions, why are they able to dmg you? why are they actually clones, able to attack, and dmg you...why do they have some form of health...shouldnt an illusion be just that, an illusion?


Sorry, caps. I agree completely regarding illusionist. By definition, they are illusions? By reality, they are short lived clones that can still wreck you if you aren't paying attention.


Bottom line, one single affix doesn't bother me. But there are some wickedly crummy combinations that wreck me 2 or 3 times before I can either get a handle on the group or at times, I've just thrown my hands up in the air and said "fuggit", logged out and back in. Sometimes it's just not worth the the effort and repair costs to continue to get owned by ridiculous affix combinations.

Worse yet is when you end up with 2 or 3 groups of elites on top of each other with seemingly every single affix imaginable, pulling you, pushing you, walling you, jailing you, etc.
Most annoying affix or affix combo for me is the arcane+horde.
Arcane kilsl my barb so darn fast and with the horde affix.. everywhere i want to escape from one beam iam runnign right in the next >.<" .
By hate you mean "can kill you for sure and you rage quit" or "annoying and kill fun gameplay"?

Anyway, while playing my hardcore wiz: Vortex!
Because you never know the drag destination... can be an arcane pool, a fire chain, a frozen ball, a bunch of fast spiders hitting like crazy, anything that means death to a kiting wizard (vortex makes me sweat, seriously).

While playing my softcore wiz: Nightmarish!
Because as a CM wiz I need to stand still and nightmarish makes me (and the mobs) run away from my twisters and I'm in trouble... every 5s... grrrrrr

I'm a Monk.
Bottom line, one single affix doesn't bother me. But there are some wickedly crummy combinations that wreck me 2 or 3 times before I can either get a handle on the group
Health Link. It reduces the effectiveness of life steal by so much.
As a 'Tank' Barb (Conan if anyone was wondering, shared account...) the only affix that i hate the most is: Nightmare, gotta be all up in their face not running away.
Another one i hate would be: Desecrator, but only when it stacks more than 3 times, biggest drainer.
Pick one:

Frozen + Jailer combo.

Horde + Reflect Damage combo.

Teleporter + Shielding combo.

All three of those are obnoxious.
For me it's FROZEN.
I'm a tank Barbarian and there is nothing worse than a forced death due to being permanently frozen while either Desecrate or an Arcane Lazer just chews your life up. And I don't mean you get frozen 1 time and a lazer just passes through you. I can stand up to that all day. But frozen non stop for about 15 seconds due to back to back ice bombs while a pivot point of a lazer is derectly beneath you feet is enough to make you want to flip your desk over.

And isn't it a little strange that whatever class you play, your biggest weakness is what is thrown at you the most? For my WD it's Missle Dampening + Extra health. Never see it on my Barb, but my WD finds it plenty.
Any one affix is manageable. It's the wicked combos that really get you.

Jailer + Arcane
Molten + Vortex
RD + Horde -- this one is super fun

As a WW barb i find this annoying.
Fast + RD

god damnit
Vortex is my least favorite. Especially when combined with arcane. Sometimes my monk looks like he is inside a pinball machine.
Kulle's bubbles

barb here

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