Bored, What does everyone do for work?

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IT techie/forum troll, i also waiter at night (south africa)
I work in a dying industry.

The Newspaper.

People still read those?
Graphic Designer @ KPMG New Zealand

Winning Global Brand Awards too.

notebook technician (repair center) - germany
Game developer. Web designer and editor
1 Part Time job as a Stock Associate, another part time job at a high school, private tutoring, and full time student....too much lol
Life coach
Systems Engineer for a software company.
Nighttime/Weekend Party Promoter
Personal Trainer
Armed Guard for Brinks Canada.
I run a Computer repair shop. A life of gaming and Fixing Computers.
Electrical Foreman/Personal Trainer - BC, Canada
Switch technician 5ESS/DMS

Phone company
Consultant Geologist for the mining industry...Australia
Internet Marketer
Hand model
cubicle zombie @_@
Leopard seal - Antartic

I eat penguins all day. It's awesome.

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