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When I proclaim EHP is dead, people think I mean 'All resist, HP, armor' was dead. This is not the case.

ehp is an aggregate of these 3 things. Whether you agree with the exact formula is not important. You clearly agree with the concept. Qualitatively, it's a much easier way to talk about all these defensive stats that you still think are important.

The minimum needed EHP to be cost efficient is an entirely different argument.
What is this thread lobbying for? Are we trying to get the passive 30% damage reduction removed? You guys are brilliant.

EHP is something that lets you live between swings. That is all. EHP is more useful to anyone using skill based heals. It's just that those heals are nowhere near as good as the always on, no skill, gear based heals - AKA life steal (p.s., I run such a barb - faceroll is fun).

WW barb 'swings' at a ridiculously high frequency, which is why EHP can be so low in the current metagame. You get heals every few frames, whereas a 2H or SnB setup gets heals less often and those heals are often larger, leading to spilled heals, spilled damge, and less overall efficiency if your EHP is low. Your swing timer gives monsters more opportunities to blow you up. WW barb -- there is no opportunity, or the odds are exceedingly rare due to move speed and the tic rate of tornadoes.
11/12/2012 09:07 AMPosted by Garthandal

U mad bro?

I do mp10 ubers with 200k dps unbuffed with my build. Try it, prepare to be amazed.

P.S: Solo.
1m buffed EHP yeah i definitely agree .and only 3ls ^^ lolz
Do you guys wanna join me in some key farming to prove that my !@#$ is real? roflll. And 3% LS is all you need...... when you have rend..
I don't need high EHP for higher MP.. I finished all 3 uber bosses on mp9 in less than 15min, and MP10 in about 25min depending if I screw up and die on zulton kulle boss.
What bothers me is that people still mix EHP with sustainability somehow. EHP & sustainability are measures of different dimensions guys, like distance is to time. You dont mix meters with seconds do you? Sure you can say theres a synergetic relationship between both, just like distance and time can be related to speed, but common guys theses arent hard concepts to grasp!!!
I have a lot of EHP because tanking MP10 bosses is fun
11/12/2012 11:51 AMPosted by Krzy
Do you guys wanna join me in some key farming to prove that my !@#$ is real? roflll. And 3% LS is all you need...... when you have rend..

I was just sarcastic to those saying all you need is high ls :)
Your build is very solid in terms of survivability and it definitely works but isn't the dps a bit "low" i mean you are not using overpower killing spree.
Wouldn't a ww match your dps ? (assuming same gear )
When you are dropping hammer of ancients for 1-1.4m per with sustainable wotb on, things die fast. And don't forget superstition is a fury generator on the side.

And I have yet come across a SoJ with -rage for HotA due to the fact that its a pain in the !@# to search for one on the AH without filters....

Why do you take Revenge for running ubers?

Or is the current build in your profile a different build for something else? (Currently has Hota, rend, revenge, WC, WOTB, BR)
I was testing... I usually use leap for ubers instead of revenge to catch kulle.

/puts flower on Enxius' grave

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