WTS Sex DH Amulet

Demon Hunter

+32-62 Damage
+258 Dexterity
+119 Intelligence
+36 Cold Resistance
+1921 Life after Each Kill
Critical Hit Damage Increased by 83%
03 wrong stats keep it far from sexy, nice amulet though.
no where did i say it was perfect, i said it was sex, and it is
lol it's not
Nope It isnt... Mine's more SEXAY! and its just the lowest form of SEXAY!
5k. thats twice what the vendor would give you and my scoundrel would like the healthy dex boost.

oh wait no, i like the chance to fear on hit he currently has on his ammy so i retract my offer.

That is a good amulet. These guys just spend their McDonalds paychecks at the RMAH so they can buy pretty much any item. Ignore what they say.
whoa we can all post our opinions here equally right?

when you put your opinion in the title instead of letting the item speak for itself expect to get some opinions back.

no player will use that amulet for more than 20 seconds. for 100k you can buy an ammy that will put that one to shame.

equip, wow thats what more dex will get me. oh, but i lose cc or asi or vit, or all res.. and i'm better off with the ammy i had already. here ya go scoundrel!

20 second rule. if it don't pass that rule, AH it for 10k gold and be glad you got it and keep grindin.

sorry, u did not hit the multi mil jack pot.

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