XP : 200k dps OR 155k > Leoric's + Gemmed H.?

Demon Hunter
PM2 act3, mostly playing with Ball lightning + spray of teeth, or cluster bombs + spray of teeth.

What do you think ? Leoric's + helmet give me 47% xp, and i loose 40k dps. ( 9% IAS, 180 DEX, 31% crit damage, and 3.5% cc )

edit : Hellfire ring is "ON", and not moving, in any case.
Personnaly i'd go full exp and drop to MP1 since mob are easier and if im not mistaken, they're all level 63 on MP1 anyway so you get a chance of high stats rolled on gear.
Leorics, ruby in helm, hellfire, cains, 100dps, ball lighting, spray of teeth, bat, vault, tactical advantage, vengeance, perfectionist or archery, act 3 mp0 FTW. This is for para leveling, not farming. But pick up that legendary. ;)
get a hellfire ring for more xp and more dps, so instead of dropping 50k you might only drop 30


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