Ever found a Legendary turning a dead corpse?

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Just curious if it could happen... I still remember the day one poped from a chest, that was a first (and it still is). That was exciting.

I turn over all dead bodies and sometimes kicks potery pots (even thought I don't think they can drop from those...)
It's turning, not returning.
And "it still is", not "it's still".

But no, I've never found a legendary by opening chests or something like that.
i got my first legendary from a dead corpse, so ya u can lol.

but i won't just go out of my way to check on every dead corpse, i did that and have never got a legendary ever since.
The first legendary I ever found dropped off the very first mob in act 1 Hell. Been down hill ever since.
It's turning, not returning.
And "it still is", not "it's still".

Fixed, thanks! Returning comes from my french, we sometimes say 'retourner un corps'.
It's turning, not returning.
And "it still is", not "it's still".

But no, I've never found a legendary by opening chests or something like that.

I found a Three Hundredth Spear from a chest, and not a res chest either, just a regular one. I was a little more than surprised. It was junk, but then again thats not really the point.
I never found one from the enviroment, only from kills.
weapons rack.
I've found a lot of Legendaries in piles of rubble, or corpses, or coffins or just regular trash mobs. It's because you kill/open those more than you do elite packs.
I accidentally clicked on a dead body the other day and a really horrible legendary popped out. I wouldn't go out of my way to check them.
I've found my ORotZ on a bloated corpse in the sewers of Act II - Hell. Been using that ring since.
Yeah, during my farming of the Leoric's Signet (470% MF) I got plenty of legendarys from normal mobs, dead bodies, chests, crates and barrels (breakable objects)
My first legendary was from a weapons rack in Act 2 nightmare, but that was before they changed the drops. (I believe it was in 1.0.2.)

On the other hand, I try to turn every corpse that I can, and I recently got the +6 1H hammer plans from a Dead Villager in the Cathedral (Act 1 Inferno), on MP1. So, since the highest level items can drop from dead corpses in Act 1 with MP1, I'll keep turning them!

(As an aside- I've had more legendaries drop from the minions of a Rare monster than anywhere else. And I've had more set items drop from the Halls of Agony, level 3 than anywhere else.)
Found one legendary from a pile of bones. I am not sure all that object bashing and dead body flipping has payed off...
I used to find a majority of my legendaries from breakables. Then they removed MF affecting breakables/chests.

I haven't found one from them since.
Found my first in Act I Nightmare from a body.
Yes I've found a few legendaries from both dead bodies and chests, gobo's too since some people seem convinced they can not drop leg's. In fact there was a time when I used to say I got the majority of my leg's from dead bodies but that was before the MF changes and back when I was only farming act 1.

Got a sun keeper from a weapon rack two days ago and I wasn't the person to actually loot the rack.

Tope I found a legendary mojo from a chest after they made that change and before 1.0.5
Found a legendary belt back when it was 1.03. Over the weekend I got a tal rasha's ammy flipping a dead body. Then again my luck last weekend was rediculous. 6 sets, 4 of them in two runs and the other two dropped while doing a uber run... Too bad non of them was jackpot material...
I've found 2 legendaries from pots and barrels since 1.0.5. Never found one from a chest or a body though. I generally run with the flame boots so I can just run over !@#$ with out having to hit things to break them.

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