Urgent Auction House Maintenance - 11/1/12

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11/01/2012 07:09 PMPosted by Bellyfrog
My item is still stuck on the AH and can't be cancelled error 31006.

same with me, no one responds my ticket too
11/01/2012 06:09 PMPosted by oldman54
for those of us who put up auctions at retarded hours of the morning (~5 am)

Small world you live in, did you realise that the world consists of many time zones?

Did you realize that I was talking about peak hours, jackass?
So if you have an auction going off you literally have to sit and wait 10-15 minutes to make sure you can get into AH, sounds like a weak cop out to actually fixing an internal issue. Curious, since your not applying funds earned from Diablo to upgrade and maintain the game... what are you doing with all that time and money aside from calling band-aids on bullet wounds "scheduled maintenance".
still doesnt work.....heavy load message always comes up... deadset. 1 week now with no use of rmah, gg blizzard gg
yeah im still getting error 31006...really hope i dont lose those shoulders, best item ive found in the game yet
you guys gotta stop messing around in ah, geez

just dont move about with the ah and play the game for awhile. once ah is stabilized, go make a ticket about your item (or soon to be item) and tell them why its transaction should be void.

waaaaaaaaaay better than complaining with obviously no results incoming.

EDIT: theres an auction number thingy at the completed tab, thats how they can check your specific transaction
What AH? I still can't access the button, it's disabled.
yup not fixed.......was getting "heavy server load" for RMAH before the maintenance......and now, after, i get it for the gold AND RMAH......lucky me. The maintenance made it worse.
Is the AH coming up tonight at all? It's 12:30am est...so much for your 4hr maintenance, it's not up.
11/01/2012 09:33 PMPosted by Ace
Is the AH coming up tonight at all? It's 12:30am est...so much for your 4hr maintenance, it's not up.

this what the hell is going on out there LOL
1:45am est still cant use ah
ok, I tried to use RMAH and got the heavy load message. I tried a few times later on the same item and same thing. except, i have multiple emails saying i won the auction. Is this going to be a problem? the money has already been taken out of my bank account...will this item show up? and will it charge me multiple times?
I cant even get into the regular AH. It has been greyed out since 4pm yesterday. I tried at 6pm, 9pm, and now at 7am the next day. WTH?!
Thanks Blizzard for allowing someone to get several legendary items I had in the AH for virtually nothing. Guess when the AH was up briefly I should have bid on similarly low priced items!
I can see the relevance to a huge complaint here. The problem that I am most worried by is the fact that if min bid set on an item and someone had a min bid on it well - they get it because I couldn't out bid them. These players never had a fair chance to sell there items for market value. Players loosing items are facing the same thing.

In summation you really need a way to reimburse players and support this when it happens.

Basically the min bid needs to be set way higher then the bid it up tactic for the time being as this won’t be a quick fix. Aside from that I have no good advice for people that received errors and such with the loss of goods/funds.
P.S. I am a buyer and not a seller and this concerns me from the above viewpoint. I don't steal in real life and I don't like receiving things that I don't deserve. I know its demented for someone that loves free market competitive inter-workings to say but it’s how I feel.
This is scary and making me freak out, i made a ticket number and have yet to get a response. I sold a belt for more than i ever have sold anything before(338 million). I received the gold alright and tried a few times to post it on rmah and it wouldn't work. This was 10/31 night and i was trying to post 300 million and keep the rest for myself. I gave up posting it that night and went to try again before work on 11/1 and the gold was gone. I wasnt hacked, i have an authenticator, and the gold missing was the exact amount i tried to post, nothing else is missing no items or gold, just what i was trying to post.

This changed the entire experience of the best item i have ever found into a nightmare........can i please have my gold back?
Could we get some clarification for when "peak hours" actually are? I couldn't get on last night til midnight cst (must have been peak) but still can't get on anytime this morning. I got D3 windowed in the background for an hour and click on it periodically. AH has always been greyed out for me since yesterday.
Cant use AH since the emergency maintenance. WTH!
its been about 24 hrs since ive been able to use the auction house. ive checked several times late last night and all day today.

funny thing is that in game ive gotten a couple notices saying items have sold, or ive been outbid on an item. i leave game and try to go to AH and its still greyed out saying its currently unavailable.

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