If you could choose 1 perma-SHRINE buff ...

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Empowered or frenzied is enough for Me
Empowered. I could rain down unlimited meteor nukes without pause. POWER! Nuff said.

Fleeting on the other hand makes the game more "fun".

Flip zee coin.
Fleeting FTW!
For monk empowering shrine bonus with my loh for seven sided strike.
For my main and fave I would have to say a fleeting shrine, A DH that can move at 49% is just plain deadly.

Even more than the frenzy which adds 25k dps.
Tough call between Fleeting and Empowered. Fleeting is good in general, and amazing at low MPs. Empowered is horribly OP on some characters against elites on high MP (especially Ubers).
I'm going to comment on a class-by-class basis:

Monk: You could give me perma-Frenzy and Empowered combined, and I would still probably take Fleeting. Their current movement speed is not adequate; I feel slow, and a slow Monk is not a Monk.
= Fleeting

Demon Hunter: Currently, I burn through Hatred like major industries burn fossil fuels. Giving me more is the equivalent of handing me a flamethrower and telling me to "go nuts"...and then ten minutes later pointing out that there are higher settings... O_O
= Empowered

Barbarian: See the Demon Hunter, only replace the flamethrower with the hammer Mjolnir, and multiply the whole thing by a factor of ten. And I'm not even level 60.
= Empowered

Witch Doctor: Can't say, 'cause I don't use him.

Wizard: "Everything shall BURN!! Muhahahahaha!!!!" *Proceeds to Archon Beam everything in sight*
= Empowered (Edit: ...or is that Fleeting? lol)

This all said, I would much prefer a Fleeting perma-buff on everyone regardless of this fantasy. We move much too slow.
of course fleeting, this should be obvious. there is nothing else that can add as much to fun or efficiency as being able to move fast like old school diablos.
why can't the game have more potion types with more potion slots, each with their own cds.

heck, we can use crafting mats/brimstone to create them and can be sold on the ah.

potions of speed (eg; 1 minute cd)
potions of pickup rad
potions of fast revival (if you die, and your death timer is > 3 seconds, it auto consumes and your death timer is set back to 3 and you revive where you died instead of town except in boss maps).

and make shrines thereafter in addition to their current buffs, EXTEND the duration of whatever potion buffs you have on as well..
seeing as there's a mf cap, and the shrine goes above the cap as MP and NV does, I choose that. Although, as a CM wiz, the cooldown reduc is always nice.

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