your most treasured item ever?

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regardless of quality, what is it?

mine would have to be the first set item that i've ever gotten in my entire d3 experience, cain's memory. regardless of it being completely useless and stuff, it's my most treasure item ever and has been forever in my stash.
liquid rainbow. nuff said
My Wtich Doctor's rare amulet, White Locket. When I found it, I expected it to be trash because it was only ilvl turned out to have 260 Int, 58% CD, 7.5% CC and 700 LoH. I almost fell out of my chair!
My witch doctor's old weapon that's sitting in my stash waiting to be vendored because it's not worth listing on the AH. (900dps, 50% crit damage, open socket).

It's treasured because I found it, and used it for nearly two months before replacing it. That's right, I used an item I found for two months.

2nd most treasured item might be my witch doctor's helm. Actually I want to replace it because all of it's rolls leave room to be desired. But there is literally nothing comparable to buy on the AH, at any price. (the legendary and set WD helms don't cut it as they can't get the right combination of stats for my build, and there seem to be less and less rares listed by the day)
My most treasured item is my Traveling Snake, and it’s my favorite simply for the name. Whenever I see it in my inventory I immediately think of some grandpa saying something like “no, no, no, that’s my THINKIN’ snake, I said fetch my TRAVELIN’ snake!” It probably should not amuse me as much as it does. >.<
My precious...
omg a blue reply on my post. @_@
scanning through my stash last night (VT/salvaged a lot and surprisingly made me wonder why i even kept those in the first place ) i came across a spear, 1h that i've kept since forever.

why? because it has a funny dps


now if only it has fire damage (which will make the weapon have a fire image behind the dps) it would have been a hilarious item.
found a pair of vile wards last week on my dh and they are not coming off for a a very long, long, time.

love end game drops that you can use
most treasure for me is my amulet i found after patch,even is not the perfect dps ammy,but giv me alot ehp :)
Still cannot bring myself to vendor or salvage my 1 handed xbow i found in 1.1

986 dps 82 crit
Open socket
Had int on it, but in 1.1 that xbow was a beast and would have cost a fortune, now it sits in my stash cause i just do not havethe heart to break it. Unfortunate its not worth !@#$ now
My Blackthorne's Chest. I'ts not godly by any means, but it fell for me not 15 minutes into patch 1.04 and I wub it. After it dropped I sought out the rest of the Blackthorne's pieces I wanted. A really nice set for certain builds and play styles.

My Inna's Stone alos fell for me during 1.04.
It would be a Natalya's mark I found right after the big issue of uber disc regen. I basically sold all my monk gear and built a DH set around the ring. It was a pain to let it go when I had to gear up a WW barb :'(
oh also a swift talon boots (good int with stats and both gf/mf) i dunno what i was thinking. that boots carried me through everything until i got ice climbers. it's in AH now, the boots (swift talon). wtf am i thinking >_<
my wizards chest piece. bought it from AH loooong time ago for only 47k. greatest moment in my life
Wirt's Original Leg with a whopping 5.4 dps. There is absolutely no reason for me to keep this, yet there it sits, taking up a weapon slot in my stash :\
My xbow by far.
10/26/2012 08:56 PMPosted by HamburgerBun
My xbow by far.

jeeez, I guess. Awesome dps
Windforce hands-down. The legacy version was my first lvl 60 bow and spent all my money later on @ the EU server to buy the improved version. It's in the top 10 of best Windforces in the EU, apparently. <--- can see it there :p

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