looking for fresh 60's Hardcore

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Hey guys im looking to team up, im running around act 1 inferno now just wna build up my gold bank and perhaps even find some upgrades. I prefer to find my upgrades where possible.

Im on every day normally after 7pm


I like this write-up its old but yeah....

Always keen to team up and grind act 1 in company, but I'm only on sporadically. If you ever see me on, hit me up.
I'm keen also. Hit me up tonight! Usually on after 7ish aswell and normally do the "Cursed Hold" quest with the inclusions of "Cemetery of the Foresaken", "Festering Woods", "Fields of Misery" (to get the key), "Leoric's Manor & Courtyard" and anywhere else where there are Elites and money.. Which MP level do you normally run around on??
hardcore gets so lonely during aussie times. hit me up- im mostly doing solo act 3 hell for moneys
Sorry for late reply i added u all. hope to see you on soon :)
Just an update, I am still cruising around with my barb, but I am currently leveling an alt as I have noticed some instability in the game as of lately. so yeah anyone looking to team up with a level 17 DH in the next few hours feel free to add me :)

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