Game crashes when entering caves of Araneae

Bug Report
Each time when I try to enter the caves of Araneae, I get a crash of the application, with a bug error report ID= DCC9A356-9565-4DE2-A53F-FA21ACFEE806

Before the latest patch this was no problem and then I could play this caves with all my chars.
now I'm stuck with each of my chars.

I've my graphic card drivers up to date, and even tried putting all graphic settings to the lowest possible but keep getting this issue.

I've raised a ticket but they've redirected me to this forum.

Please help as I'm stuck with all my characters in this part of the game!!

I have the same problem pls help!

All my characters crash out as soon as I try to enter the cave. repeated tickets to support have gotten nowhere.

I never had an issue entering the caves until last patch. very very frustrating.... to think I walked away from diablo3 because of too many issues, figured I would give the game one more try.

not even two days worth of play before another issue stops me in my tracks.
Tried three characters on two different difficulties and I'm still not able to get inside the caverns. It just crashes and sends me to my desktop with the ticket info.


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