Whos your favorite character

Lore and Story
Mine is Zoltun Kulle, He is a "bad guy", but he was rigth (Demons an angels dont give a Fu#$ about humanity), just our stupid character couldn't figure it out. Now that the expansion is """announced""" I would love to see him again bringing some chaos to santuary, going against demons and angels as he always intended to.
i liked the dude that you needed to help to kill his wife. !@#$ %^-*!es.
I think Lyndon was the best character in the game.
Shen. DUH
Shen is definately my favorite character, Lyndon has some great lines but i find Shen's storyline a little more intriging. I especially wonder just a little about this gem that he keeps looking for.
Dirgest's gemstone is supposedly the stone that has a demon named "Dirgest" trapped inside, shen wants to recover the stone to fix it so dirgest cant control the holder of the stone.

What i find slightly comical about this is that a "Dirgest" actually refers to a "Command Line Interface tool for Directory Digests", so i wonder if this is just a little blizzard programming humor locked into the storyline. Looking for that infamous command line tool that helps you find the little gem in that long list of directories?....HMM?
i like the mayor in act 1 and act 3, he's such a wimp, and pretty much static, and self serving with no one who will support him

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