SELLING RING - 80AR/9IAS/20MF/Crit Dmg +more!

Items and Crafting
Wondered about what this would be worth... cant find anything similar on the AH to even get an idea!

80 All Resistance
31 Physical Resist
Attack Speed Increase 9%
Crit Hit Dmg 29%
20% Magic Find
49 Vitality
57 Intelligence



asking price 50mil

will sell to best offer
What you do is delete an affix, say maybe physical resists to try and bring up more options. If that doesn't work slightly lower the value of an affix, possibly the all res value from 80 to 70-72. Follow this process until similar items come up and then price accordingly.
Right, i removed physical resist, intelligence, vitality... lowered all resist to 70, and still nothing at all! lol

Once i got the MF down to 17, i started to see a few items between 10 - 20 mill... but they are so far off of what i've got =\
the closest that comes to this atm is a pox at 70 AR with no MF, it goes at 100m b/o

i would honestly say MF isn't as luxurious of a stat as it used to be (thanks to all the debacle about MF not affecting legend drops + para mf bonuses since 1.0.4 and double legend drop rate since 1.0.5)

i'd say a guess between 100-200m,

more ppl are concerned with chunky main stat, ias,cc + tons of CD these days

but it's a nicely balanced ring nonetheless with a bit of everything, gl!
50-150 mil
Willing to sell for 110 right now if someone wants to !
Put 50m no buyout imo
sell to the best offer for gold
asking price 50mil

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