A monk that is in need of serious help

So guys I can barely run inferno. I've been looking at other monk's profiles and copied numerous amounts of builds but honestly, I haven't progressed at all.

Can you guys give me any tips? And please use acronyms sparingly. Sometimes I don't understand the mumbo jumbo that goes on the forums.

I've ran full defense builds like STI, Resolve and One with Everything but, no luck..

You have next to 0 critical hit damage as well as low crit% (20 total I think). Those are your main boosts to DPS.
I'm also very low on gold. I die a lot and it tends to affect my income. I've farmed Hell Mp3-4 no problem and tried to raise my gold count..but it seems redundant.
You want to get at least 30k+ HP. Crit chance/damage to boost your DPS. Get gear with both lightning/all resist (you have a mix). I'd upgrade your chest, helm, belt first...then find a new main hander w a socket.
You have identified a problem: Die a lot

Now there are a few solutions to that problem:
1. Up your armor
2. Up your resistance
3. Up your hp
4. Up your sustain (life steal/life on hit/regen)
5. Up you DPS substantially (to kill them before they kill you)

Your armor and resistance looks decent. 5k armor, 500++ res all. You say you have limited gold, so the level of sustain and DPS boosts required will be very expensive to you. Life steal is poor for you at low DPS anyway.

So your only and actual best option is to increase your hp. Seriously at <20k hp, you're gonna be cannon fodder in any mp of inferno mode. Try to get somewhere nearer to 35k hp. You'll see marked improvement in your survivability.
any tips to build up gold? I wish i can show you my inventory to see what its worth..

But other than that I like the list.
you need to up your AR, it is really low --> change those armor that have other type of resist to, let's say, lightning.
Then your HP (Vit)

For example with under 2m you could change your 2 armor pieces:
- Torso: 1xx dex, 1xx Vit, 2(3) socket to put Dex or vit gem, Lighting res
- belt: dex, vit, lightning res

Since you said you dont have much gold (not sure how much you have) but then armor pieces with Critical Hit Chance might be hard to get. You got a long way to invest in your item, but first and foremost I would say your survivability.

oh anh for now, I think you should use Mantra of Healing (Runes that increase 20% AR)
My gold income is crap...I have never hit the 1mil mark. Ever.
You should be able to find some decent rare upgrades fairly cheap...the AH is flooded with good items now.
Part of your problem is that you are mixing resists (I see Cold, Lightning, and Poison). Since Lightning is your highest right now, any Cold or Poison resist is basically doing nothing for you.

You might have a low budget, but it is possible to replace some pieces on the cheap. Here's a thread where someone spent no more than 2k gold on each piece and was able to do MP1-3 with a range of builds/ease: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7006346587#1

These other guides are worth a read too:
Piffle: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7005435884
Nameless: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7005435708
I have been in your shoes. I know this feel, bro.

Here's what you do: go to the auction house, click the "sell" tab.
Right click on all your gear and "Search for similar items"
Once you get results, remove all non-important properties (basically anything that isn't Dex, Vit, or resistance-related.) You should be able to upgrade for pretty cheap.
Also, these guys are right: concentrate all your gear to one type of resist AND all resists. That's pretty much like a double whammy. Your shoulders, for instance, have 42 All & 48 Lightning. That's basically +90% resistances because you're using One With Everything. If you can trade all your other stuff in for gear with Lightning resists, your survivability will go up for sure. This should probably be your first step

Also Crit chance & Crit damage %'s are crucial, as well as Increased Attack speed. The more % you can get of these stats, the more dmg you will do. But I would worry about this after you aren't taking one-hitter-quitters from elite mobs.
Add me in game , I can spare you a few pieces of gear.You can also tag along for some fast Tempest a3 MP1 runs if you like.
Whoa. I'm gonna follow all of these advices. I knew that I had stack the same resist + AR but it wasn't... necessarily at my disposal.

CreamzDj thanks I didn't even know you could do that on the AH.

And Ladyenvy I'll be sure to add you as soon as the servers are up.
Keep in mind that I'm not looking for freebies but if you insist I will take them.

So what I'm gonna do first: Stack Lightning resist first, Vit, armor, Crit chance, Crit damage %? right?
double your HP and you will be able to kill Diablo on MP0 no prob with your current stats.
Yeah, what everyone has mostly said already.

HP. You could probably do okay in mp0-1 with 25-28k life, but I know that won't cut it for anything higher. Ideally you want to be closer to 35k, but build towards it in pieces.

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