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You have both the problem and the solutions wrong.

D2 and D3 are both games where min/maxing is the most important. People complain that in D3 every player has basically the same gear? Guess what: In D2 everyone had as well. Not a single player used Phoenix. Why the hell would anyone waste HRs on that shield. Every player had just enough str for their equip; just enough dex for max block; just enough FCR/IAS to reach thier breakpoint; and just enough AR to reach the max amount. I really don't get how people find D3 so different in this aspect. How is stacking +skills different from stacking main stats?

The only difference is that D2 had a huge pile uniques and runewords - and most of them are just as crappy as the ones in D3 - with a few that were special. There were about a handful of items that could make you change your build. What could that makes of D3 learn from this? MAKE MORE LEGENDARIES!

The reason why everybody is complaining now is because we got spoiled. Put D1 and D2 next to each other and you can see the difference. Do the same with D2 and D3 and you see two basically the same item systems. Only we expect more. There have been 10 years of innovation. D3 doesn't need some frickin' flavor stats, we need a complete new item system..
The item system in Diablo 3 could be so much more interesting!

In fact, there could be so many features that add on to the entire experience but there isn't any. We get a bare bone game.

Some examples:

-Gambling (Crafting is not gambling, no chance at legendaries)


-Treasure Maps (Find maps that lead you to hidden treasure)

-Archeology (Survey the land and try to find hidden treasure)

-More in-depth crafting or just a a revamp that makes it more interesting. (I suggest remove gold costs and just make it cost salvage materials and monster dropped craft material

-Events to take a break from the game such as: The Colleseum (Fight waves of monsters with a team or solo and fight an epic boss at the end.) Or anything that is a mini-game that isn't related to the main game.

-Tweaking all of the weak spells of the game. Every class still has a lot of spells / runes that are never gonna be used. (Monk got a few buffs which were nice but didnt even come close to completing the monk)

-More sets/legendaries... It has been forever since we have seen new items. Meanwhile, games like Path of Exile receive 4 new legendaries and 1 new ability each week in there patches. We still have junk sets and legendaries and a super low drop rate. Instead, we get hold your hand crafted items that just require a gold sink (aka time sink cause its not fun)
I just watched the entire Travis Day/Wyatt Cheng twitch interview with Archon.

There was a part asking about new affixes and it sounded to me like the issue is space on items. 6 Affix rares being the cap, if there were more affixes, it would create a larger variance in exact stats you want.

Well, this idea I have been trying to get seen for the past year seriously solves a lot of the item issues.

Flavor stats add fun stats to rares and the "new" legendary/set that Travis proposes can still work because legendaries will be more powerful than rares and have unique types of stats.

How can this suggestion be overlooked? Thank you.
Trying to keep it as short as possible - here is my idea to "fix" items in d3:
remember - this would be the "starting point" aka "making room for the stuff we want without losing the stuff we need"

making AMOR (not weapons/rings/amulets!) Items more fun

remove following stats from gear (bear with me till the end please!)

- str
- dex
- int
- vita

- armor
- all resi

- attack speed
- crit chance
- crit dmg

Reason ---> those stats are somewhat mandatory and a must have but not fun - they fill up many slots on items but don't really change much

replace them all with one stat only ->

- "+ xx-yy to ALL attributes(str,dex,int,vit)"

as a barb you might lose the +armor but get a lot of dodge and all resi
as a monk/dh you gain armor and all resi
as a wd/wiz you gain armor and dodge

then with one change we gain the lost attspeed/cc/cd back:

str gives you a little bit of attackspeed
dex gives you a little bit of crit chance
int gives you a little bit of crit dmg

With increasing the points gain from gems to something like "+200/300 to a single attribute" people gain a good amount bonus dmg and can gem for their mainattribute or even gem for attackspeed/critchance for certain breakingpoints.

Also you wouldn't have a 3000str3000dex3000int3000vita champ which just looks bad.

Many Items now have a lot of room for stuff that is in the game but not important:

get more pick up range, get more health from orbs, thorns can be stacked now without losing something, reduced CC from enemys can be nice for certain classes/builds

Introduce new stuff:

bring back auras on items!
maybe even skills on items with X amount of uses that you have to "reload" at the jeweler for gold

Players come up with nice stuff all the time.

making Weapons more fun

bring the weapon dmg very close:

ilvl61 is 950-1000dps, ilvl62 1000-1050dps and ilvl63 1050-1100

remove the random rolled ice/fire dmg and give every weapon a basedmg boost!

if you want to keep weapondmg% dont let it roll 0-50%, make it 0-5/10%

weapon dmg is still different but not soooo big that it you always take those with higher dps

ilvl61-63 rare and legendary weapons can all be usefull now!

remove attributepoints as well as crit dmg from weapons and instead introduce new fun stuff

- let weapons roll a chance to cast spells from diablo2

- legendary weapons roll stuff based on their class (axes/swords roll a bleed, maces/fistweapons a stun, daggers a slow,etc)

- more crazy stuff


---- monster and boni from attributes need to be rebalanced - after getting a big dmg and survival boost from this, monster need to be made stronger again ----
Just my two cents, but I think some people embellish Diablo II items too much when they mention spells on hit/being struck and auras on wear. Auras appeared on items only in 1.10 and only handful of unique and runeword items had that. Spells on hit were generally a cool small thing to have, except handful of items with really powerful procs. They were some basics stats too that everyone wanted - resists, +skills, ED, +vit/life, +mana.

It's just that stats were better distributed, random, but not too random, useful. Prefixes/suffixes were well balanced. I've been playing D3 for just a couple of weeks and to me it seems that a lot of items are just bad. They're not good for some other build, they're not good for some other character, for alternative tweaking, they're just plain bad.

In Diablo 2 I used to pickup a ring in hell and it had some adequate suffix. It'd probably be bad compared to what I had most of the time, but still it could be used, if I, for example, suddenly sold my ring and 'Save and Exit'. In D3 some items just feel completely broken and useless.

Damage is tied to items too much. I don't know about everyone, but I feel bad that my boots affect my damage. I feel that if I change boots for some vitality ones, or maybe some resists, I feel weaker. I liked that in D2 armor pieces were mostly about your defense and weapons about offense. And you could have that one Amulet with great resists, those gloves for some vit and lifesteal and such. in D3 it feels that you're only looking for the set combination of stats and with high roll on those stats and that's it.

I'm by no means a master of D3. Just my two cents with relatively fresh epxerience from D2...

PS I actually suddenly started to want play some D2 and compare..

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