PC on this Nat ring I found =D

Demon Hunter
143 DEX
54 VIT
27 Fire Resist
ASI 8%
Regenerate 205 HP per second
CHC 6.0%

Edit1: C/O 200M
bump! =D
Heres the proof:

costs a man's left nut, baby orphan tears, and a twinkie
A WAT?~??! O_O

I know its worth a decent amount....but i have no idea T_T, never found something this godly, I saw similar rings on AH for a hundreds of millions, but idk how to find a buyer.
Willing to take offers here I suppose >_<
Broke right now but I'd throw ya 7m for it.
Lol Im thinking of putting this up for auction, but idk what to price it at.
200 bucks starting offer... Not that I ever would pay that but somebody would I bet on that
200 buck that is a good advice

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