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Greed is God.
Let’s stop pussyfooting around this. The times are fitting, the game is fitting. Make it happen. Elaboration is unnecessary. The story writes itself.
but....what does your content have to do with the topic?

In any event~~Bring Andariel Back
Think hes talking about the Treasure Goblins and the "Realm of Greed" they portal into before you kill them..

Would be interesting kind of..

I mean what is this "Realm of Greed" and who controls it ?

I vote Shen..hes always looking for jewels..plus some of the talking between Shen and characters point to Shen being a God, the God of Greed!

Would kinda work too..I mean Diablo was greedy being Prime Evil, Imperious is greedy wanting to kill Diablo himself instead of Nephalem..The Nephalem are greedy because we kill demons and loot bodies and break into chest and always looking for that more powerful gear..I mean we chase innocent little goblins who are harmless and just want loot too..

Tyrael was greedy becoming mortal and always wanting to help mortals..Inarious/Lillith greedy wanting peace to themselves..Greed is everywhere

All are effected by Greed, good or evil..Take me to the shiney!
I hope Blizzard implements actual Heaven-themed monsters: Pure Angels (those guys in Act 4 who follow Imperius), Marble Statues, Brass Automatons, Paladins with variations of the most popular D2 builds, Ascended Mortal Champions in golden armor, Clerics (spell casters), Soul Engines, Killer Doves etc.
i would love to see greed in the game, but you just know if they bring greed into the picture his realm will be alot like the cow level, or whimsyshire

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