5 GREAT IMPROVEMENTS that take 5 mins to code

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10/31/2012 01:30 AMPosted by Brygo
Seriously. For the love of God. Make it an option menu check box or something. I literally can't play when my girlfriend is home because if she hears the enchantress she will think less of me.

It'd be easier to stop dating a judgemental !@#$%.

Think about it! The scenario you're proposing is this (somewhat simplified):

1. A Blizzard rep reads this topic, sees that suggestion and then suggests it to the designers.
2. The designers discuss the idea and think it's good and so tell the developers to program it.
3. The developers open up whatever editor they happen to code in and look for the code (noting this one step could take hours in and of itself with the amount of code games can have).
4. They find the piece and reprogram it.

Now let's see the alternative:

1. You ring up and/or visit your girlfriend.
2. You tell her she's a judgemental !@#$% and you've decided to date your friend's non-judgemental sister who also happens to 100% hotter, because clearly those things matter.


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