New Pinoy Monks thread!

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02/09/2013 05:21 PMPosted by Duhast
good luck man!

Thanks isat kala hati na lang... dapat lunes tapos na.
@Hast, off for 2 days. neways, EF cost me 600m + =) i was savin' for a billion worth of EF but then tinamad ako nong matry ko 'yong nabenta kng EF... end game weap ko na 'to. naubos na swerte ko dis past days kaya rest muna. dabes parin loots sa matataas na mp's (8-up)..
Congrats in advance paps...
just started my noob weak HC monkey, lev 16 pa lng baka may pinaglumaan ka dyan na armor? lahat ba ng armor mo pulot lng?
TAPOS NA!!!! pwede na matulog... Salamat!
02/11/2013 10:50 PMPosted by Security
TAPOS NA!!!! pwede na matulog... Salamat!

Congrats Security tagal ng byahe mo para maabot ang PL100 I am glad I was able to witness it XD
Ano next roll? WD LOL
Ano ka another monk for 1.07.......... see you in the next patch...
congrats sec.
02/12/2013 02:37 AMPosted by Wayur
congrats sec.

salamassss.... PVP na mamaya ready na ba kayo?
mga pre pwede ko ba gamitin yung gear ng DH ko para sa monk ko :D nkakatamad mag DH lagi ehh
bakit wala ako dito? add nyo. :D
02/12/2013 02:40 AMPosted by Security
congrats sec.

salamassss.... PVP na mamaya ready na ba kayo?

Gratsz!.....plenty of gameside drinking and snacking to get this done I figure.
Done main monk is now put to an early retirement for PVE strictly Brawling now.
My second monk is Battle Ready.
kamusta. thats all i know
grats paps.

out of 10 crafts ng amulet, okay nging resulta
dagdag resist + LOH.. woot
hayzt, nafeel ko rin maging monk for the first time.. bye bye "thunderclap" =) welcome spirit generator fist "quickening"...
WoL can damage as high as 1M .... omg
Mga noypi, let's practice brawling po. paadd. thanks =)
After making my 2nd monk for hardcore w/ different build it feels like its a whole new char. Adding Wave of light and quickening to the build feels so much different.

Also i haven't made a choice to upgrade my gem for my weapon marq ruby or emerald. According to d3up ruby takes my damage up 5k+ while emerald goes up 2.6k. What did you guys choose?

02/13/2013 12:37 AMPosted by Wayur
WoL can damage as high as 1M .... omg

i spam this after hitting faith in the light it can reach up to 1.4m almost one shot bosses.
@Sec, palitan mo 'yong faith in the light the deadly reach, foresight, much better since mas matagal 'yong effect. use empowered wave rune sa RoL and exalted soul sa passive para mas marami kang spirit, palitan mo narin 'yong thunderclap ng quickenin' para mabilis 'yong regen ng spirit.. the idea is to build a "nuke monk.." i grind with "tantanoypi" a bit b4 and we're farmin' mp10 so easy.

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