Help! 10-20 fps!?

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Hi all,
I have a Dell XPS 17" laptop:
8 gb Ram
NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M
i7 2.4 GHz

I get between 40-80 fps, sometimes lower when there are a lot of monsters and spell FX going on at once. But I was just messing with some power and nvidia settings on my laptop to see if I could get better performance when running D3.

I opened the Nvidia control panel and set it to use the Nvidia card in the Manage 3D setings panel, when opening D3. I thought maybe doing that would improve the performance.

Well after I did that, I launched D3 and was getting 12 FPS! Even with ALL of the settings at the minimum (no fx, no AA, no shadow, everything at low, Vsync off/on didn't make a difference). I then reverted back in the nvidia control panel to use global settings (or just removed D3 from the list) and checked that my power options said Maximum performance for on battery or plugged in, am I am now getting only 20 FPS with the same low settings! What is going on?

It is pegged at 20 fps, almost like there is another program running that is limiting the max foreground FPS (have it set to 100 in D3, tried that selected and de-selected no difference)!

Anyone have any suggestions? I was getting between 60-100 before I messed around with the graphics settings argh so frustrating!

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