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TLDR; Want a timeline along with some clarifications on PvP design, mechanics and a rough ballpark release date from blizzard. Offering 200M once I get this answer.

EDIT* As this thread reaches its cap, my closing bump is here: I hope a blue can give some clarification.. but if not, I won't be making a new thread. I am sure they have seen this by now and if the upper management and executives are binding their hands and 25 pages of people asking for pvp (as well as the countless other threads) isn't enough for them to give us some information, I'm just going to logout for good until they decide they are ready.

EDIT* I am updating the reward to 200M. Yes, dozens of hours of my own time to try to get the community some PvP clarification. If you want to add to this prize pool to try to motivate a response please contact me in game or this thread!

The Reward
Aside from some hopefully concrete answers on PvP! I will pay 200M to make this thread visible with the help of the community. I have decided to give it to the last post before a blue response. This is based off the success and great idea from the OP of the duping thread.

The Goal
My goal of this thread is simple, get a bit more transparency from blizzard as a company, most specifically about PvP plans. I am looking for any ballpark information and any possible sneak peaks, maybe a developer Q&A. Anything to make us feel like we are one community of players and a game development company.

PvP Is Highly Anticipated
Many players in the Diablo III community expected this at release, pre-ordered for it, and are highly anticipating a new dynamic to the game. I am not alone in wanting more info on PvP, it is whats keeping me motivated and playing. Taking a lot of will power to delay my gratification and not walk away from the game right now.

The Rumors
A lot of rumors are going around and I would like to see some of these cleared up via a blue post.

  • There will be specific PvP Gear
  • PvP will require a special character and or re-roll
  • PvP will not allow pre-arranged teams
  • PvP Will be arena only, no way to duel friends

  • PvP Benefit: Natural introduction to promote build diversity, game play would become even more unique and exciting
    Tunneling us into set gear for PvP like wow will completely kill one of my favorite things about Diablo III, the potential for complete build diversity. Please don't debate on build diversity as I understand right now it isn't perfect but it is getting better. I find myself running at last 3-5 different builds containing various items depending on the situation at hand as a demon hunter, I get that your mileage varies by class but those who choose to run a single build at all times are doing it more as a choice, not forced upon them for efficiency.

    Here are a few of my builds for to fit the various types of gameplay:

      Efficient fast-killing fast moving farming and para grinding

      Longer more drawn out high mp level key farming.

      Ubers where you get to really open up and maximize your damage, while still needing some sustain skills.

      As I was still gearing up (before night stalker let me have 100% gloom uptime) I swapped to LoH ammy and LS/LoH weapon on reflect damage mobs

    Imagine how big that list would grow with the introduction of PvP and building to promote synergy with other players. Right now we use skills mostly to benefit solo play. We would have to learn more about other classes and I think this would have a positive impact.

    I for one am not looking for perfectly balanced PvP, I'm okay with just laughing while some freakish build comes in and destroys me. I will also love doing the same on occasion to others. Learning how to beat certain builds and setups will be absolutely awesome. Testing builds, trying different team compositions and synergy with players.. it will add so much dimension to this game that no amount of affixes or PvE encounter can provide while giving players something to be excited about.

    PvP Benefit: Positive Community Stimulation
    Sadly there is not much of a community to Diablo III, it is mostly efficient to play alone. I am working on a website to try to help this as we speak, not sure an ETA yet but I am trying to do my part to stimulate and create a social aspect to the game to make sure it prospers. That said, releasing PvP will give players a reason to make friends, get on Skype/Vent/Etc and plan strategies out, laugh, etc.

    While we are here, what kind of game modes or overall PvP style does the community anticipate, or suggest would be fun?
    Now I can only imagine if based on the implementation of PvP what kind of additional builds will come into play as the details and suggestions for PvP based encounters come into play. Here are just a few speculations and ideas for match types.

    Here are a few ideas I have. Also I think that for every game type, there should be two different modes, Unlimited Stats mode, where your gear matters and a Limited Stats mode, where all your stats are set to a predetermined and "balanced" amount for pure skill based game play. This means players that want to test their hard work and farming are able to see how they match against like minded players, while not making it a completely unfun experience for someone still working on a alts gear, or for players who prefer to be in a more balanced setup.

      1vs1, 2vs2 and 4vs4 Last Man Standing
      No shrines, no globes and no respawns till round reset. Just a fast paced and intense best out of 7. The fight lasts till all players are dead. This play would likely be one of the most intense and would reward well coordinated target swapping and fast team work and communication.

      1vs1, 2vs2 and 4vs4 Last Man Standing - Shrines and Globes
      No respawns till round reset. Just a fast paced and intense best out of 7. The fight lasts till all players are dead. This play would likely be one of the most intense and would reward well coordinated target swapping and fast team work and communication. The map would have a set of shrines to offer damage reduction and health globes. The shrines and health globes should spawn in the same locations, on set times. No RNG to allow heavy use of both situation-all and positional awareness.

      1vs1, 2vs2 and 4vs4 Death Match - Durability Mode
      No buffs, no shrines, no globes. This has a twist on the unlimited match type because both players receive a base 75% damage reduction to damage received, damage done, and healing done, on top of any existing reductions. The fights will end up more drawn out and reward good positional awareness and use of cooldowns. It will also give a bit longer lasting experience.

      2vs2 and 4vs4 Shrine Control
      Respawn every 5 seconds after dieing. First team to 100-250 points wins. In the very center of the map have a shrine which offers a buff that rewards your team 1 point per second. The "buff" reduces damage done by 50% and increases damage taken by 50%. Those numbers could be adjusted for balance, but the primary goal would be to have your other available team mates CC, protect, offer cover fire and peal the players trying to zerg you. Upon losing the buff it re-appears in the center after 1-5 seconds, making an additional requirement of positional awareness to be ready for shrine resets. This would reward well coordinated teams who carefully build comps to synergize for this objective based play style.

      Private Game PvP Mechanic
      Sure would be awesome if a PvP zone existed in regular private games to duel friends, or perhaps a /duel command. Maybe if you dropped your flag by hitting G, another player could drop his flag in a certain radius and a "You have been challenged" dialog could pop up if you are in town. With maybe a option or two for different duel modes, (balance stats, etc). Reason I say the flag thing, it feels pretty awesome to bust that thing out like a boss, would be even more awesome if that is how you challenged your friend, like BRING IT BRO.

      Furthermore this would enable structured off forum ladders and competitions, twink duels and twink contests. More community driven good times! I vividly remember a fella named okichama.. or oki something from my Diablo II days and we had a barb-duel only league where you built, designed your class specifically for mirror duels. Was lots of fun.

    I would love to hear about any build ideas you guys have!

    If any blizzard community managers reads this, that is anticipating and just as excited about PvP as many of the players. Keep this in mind if you are not getting the feedback or information from upper management on this topic. Use this for ammunition: Releasing PvP will be a CASH COW. Going to see tons of new builds and setups that will cause people to need to re-gear for PvP. It will make more items viable, and give a good boost in the AH and more importantly from a company and share holder perspective the RMAH. As details are released, assuming they fall in alignment with the anticipation of the players, you will see these happening before it is even released. People re-rolling there favorite class for their favorite PvP mode, re-gearing for their theorycrafted builds. Finding team mates for when arena comes out. People are going to get excited.
    really nice man, look you put some work on it.

    ill just give you 2 ideas i have:

    1- the issue that barbs and monks recive 30% less damage than the other classes, and how you think this will affect pvp?

    2- a skill game, when you are giving all the SAME GEAR, and u have to select your skills and try to kill the other players.

    1vs1, 2vs2 and 4vs4 Last Man Standing - Unlimited
    No shrines, no globes and no respawns till round reset. Just a fast paced and intense best out of 7. The fight lasts till all players are dead. This play would likely be one of the most intense and would reward well coordinated target swapping and fast team work and communication.

    i think ill go for this 1.
    there should be also 1v2 options, 1v3, 1v4 as well as free for all... fun times in d2 when I used to do all out 1v7 players and kill everyone
    11/10/2012 06:41 PMPosted by TheSaint
    I like the idea where I get to kill you and your friends.

    Me too man, me too.. :- )
    I want to know when too!
    their has not been any info on pvp since before the last patch and what we did get was just vague i think they will waait till ex-pac prob figure with all the bad publicity and 3/10 ratings they got fromvanilla they will get the sales this way-oh ya-bump
    Just hope for basics such as 1v1, ffa (like pub games in d2, come and go), 2v2, 3v3. Anything additional would be nice but lets hope they dont fail on basics.
    I'm not expecting balance, D2 pvp wasn't balanced and was a lot fun (players balanced it themself by rules, different leagues with different rules).

    In addition pvp will just fail if the chat&social keeps to be that horrible as now, with random matchmaking.... alot work to make a proper multiplayer/pvp to D3 and i hornestly doubt that blizz will do it, propably we'll just get a mindless random matchmaking 4v4 only arena, would perfectly fit with the current disaster. Oh well, we'll see.
    nice dude everyone definitely want to know more about it as the game is again losing players
    as always lol

    good job for being generous to offer such huge reward =D
    Glad to see the bumps and lots of people bringing up good points!

    11/10/2012 07:19 PMPosted by SeeknDestroy
    So is it confirmed that pvp would only be playable within arenas (no open world) and only 4 players max?

    Not confirmed, I am simply going off the youtube video of the arena games they had.

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