Will Leah's soul be saved in the expansion?

Lore and Story
It really sucks that Leah had to die. It was a shock as well that she was Aidan's (Dark Wanderer/Diablo) Daughter. She should have at least some justice in the Expansion, or even kill that !@#$% Adria as well. Thoughts?
I hope the Witch Adria's death would be a good one as well.
The expansion MIGHT be set towards freeing Leah. Personally I do not care for her, since she was ANOTHER Kerrigan/sylvanis recycle. Since a good number of us players predicted her hosting Diablo since she was introduced, I do not see her as much more than a failed plot device.

However, since the storyline people have tried to make us think her important, it is very likely that we will go somewhere like an obscure section of hell/the black abyss and free her during the expansion. Going to the Abyss would be interesting. I would love to see it. It is the only major zone we have not seen yet. Maybe we could free Prince Albrecht and/or Prince Aidan while we were there? Either one of them could help the plot somehow (or at least takeover as King of Tristram)

I doubt Adria will die. Metzen has an obsession with villains that never shut up and die (look at WoW's and Kael's storyline for proof). I would love to kill her, but I do not see it as a major fight enough to justify an entire EXP. We might put her down, but I think that she will end up running away at the last moment again like in D3 whenever we meet her again.

Adria could be linked to the Templar's corrupted order storyline, since the order would be a great recruiting ground for more members of the Occult. I am sure the order is ruled by demons anyway, making it a viable retreat for the witch.
No one cares about Leah. At all.
yep and she will become the the new angel of justice

i know this because im amazing lol
I agree, i'd like to see Leah come back, perhaps both freed and revived near the start or middle of the story, give her a little darker outlook on the cosmos, give her control of her power and give her a happy ending, with that inn she talked about!
I need an exspansion pack, badly. I need more story line.
11/27/2012 09:57 PMPosted by Skip
I need an exspansion pack, badly. I need more story line.
dont we all?
11/20/2012 06:18 PMPosted by n0rain
It was a shock? Maybe I over estimated the intelligence of the average Diablo player?
nah the forshadowing was brilliantly done, and people just did not want her to die and are suprised Blizzard whent through with killing her.

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