Azmodan and Act 3

Lore and Story
Azmo is widely considered by many in the diablo-verse to be the greatest tactician and commander of the burning hells ( ). Even Kormac remarks on this trait sometime in Act 3. My question is then, why does he implement the very same tactic that Baal used in D2, besieging some fortress? You even have to destroy siege engines and a siege-master (siegebreaker and Shenk the overseer, respectively) in both games. Why does Azmo use a tactic that was already tried before and failed? As an "uncanny tactician" why didn't he try something else?

That also begs the question, why the hell was Azmo besieging that place anyway? and what was he doing in the Arreat crater? It couldn't have been to find the Black SS as the siege was already well under way before leah and the player arrive.

I recognize that this is a video game and as such, one shouldn't expect a Homeric epic, but such blatant plot holes are indicative of plain laziness on the part of Blizz. It's really just embarrassing to watch...painful even.
agreed. the story is lacking backends and imagination.
Baal's army was better because he brought a host of catapults and had pits, unlike Belial who only brought one trebuchet (ballistae are anti personnel weapons and don't have the power to break walls).

Also Baal only needed to defeat the barbarians guarding the Worldstone and stop other barbarians from attacking him, so forcing the barbarians into a siege while he marched to the Worldstone was a good tactic.
no normal human army could have defeated azmodan he would have had that keep if the hero didn't get there in time

by the time you hit the bridge you can see that things would not have gone well in the world if azmodan was to keep going

and the crater was brilliant on his part no army would ever have the balls to step in there

also azmodan thinks of himself as the smartest and most powerful to the point where hes gotten cocky

he is the lord of sin after all
Fear the wraith of the battle tactics of a 10 year old child!
Azmodan uses the ancient tactic the rely on out numbering many times over. and by what you see i'd say he out numbers the keep at least 300 to 1, quite comically the keep holds on for like 9 days before the hero arrives, with what 1,000 men, and you see how many living, like 1 hundred, you see the burning hells potential power what with the winged moloks seige breakre demons, and those hell bearers. proof that azmodan is a poor commander lies in how long a small human force can hold them off with superior numbers and units that make walls worthless, the demons should have had it day 1
Azmodan came out from where he was not expected: the keep being under-manned points to this. He expected easy pickings, so started his assault without his full force - that's why he keeps saying that he's got more demons coming. Sucker-punching the keep like that also gives him some extra surprise element (and adds a demoralizing factor in the keep defenders). It was working too. It was a very good tactic. Unfortunately, his intel on the keep itself was not that great, or considered it unimportant: the building lasted through 9 days of siege before we got there. Also, keep in mind that the only thing that turned things around, was us getting there. The keep was done for, otherwise.

That's not a tactical problem. It's an intel problem. He underestimated our characters (the Nephalem hero).
the whole story after act 1 just falls on it's face. the boss battles were horrible and it was just awful. the boss fights in d2 were much better and drawn out. these fights and story felt rushed and not very thought out. i waited 12 years for this game to come out and waited a few more months so the bugs could be worked out. now that i have played it i am so wishing i would have bought dishonored. i am not happy with you blizzard not at all.
Why does Azmodan use the word "paltry" so much? Does he even know what it means? And if he can speak to you telepathically why doesn't he yell as to rupture your eardrums? I thought he was an evil adversary, not a ghost.
this has been discussed to death, the lord of sin who's name I can not spell, did everything needed to win, he had never ending reinforcements siege engines, poisoned the keeps food supply, and had an unprintable gate, the only thing that he massed up on was underestimating the hero, which even the angle of fate did.
Let's not forget about Ghom. That bugger would have eaten everyone in the keep.

Azmodon definitely would have won, had it not been for the heroes.

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