what gear should I upgrade first?

hey there, almost every barb out there has the ww build that i just recent switched to. I am finding it a little harder to survive with this build in MP6. Is there something I am missing with my gear or build. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Yes, you don't have enough DPS to effectively use only 3% LS, you have some LOH and some regen but all in all you need just a little more. Try to get at least to 6% LS and 80+ DPS unbuffed. Doesn't have to be too expensive either. Also work in +cc and +as and you will see your numbers and survival go up because your overall DPS will go up. You have a lot of gear with +cd though, try not to loose the +cd you have already or at least the number.
-Gems, those gems can do some upgrading, upgrade green first before red
-better offhand, drop the spear because slow attack speed,
my next purchase was going to be an ik belt which would have put my LS around 6 and i just fond out the dps on the offhand doesnt matter, just the stats and speed. so that will also be top on my list for upgrading. thanks for the help so far.
ammy & pants

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