DBoys Quick Guide On How To Gear Your WW Barb

Thats awesome, Ive been gearing for awhile now. I mostly gear mid range sets 100mill + just dont have as much time to play like I would anymore. Budget barbs are a little harder imo since you have to really take the time to get the cheap items and everyone wants to overprice everything. I also have my brother and a friend who helps me snipe deals when im unable to be online. Hopefully soon I will be getting some more time off to play once this busy season for work is over.
Dboy, Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the community. Players like yourself make the forums more enjoyable.
Thanks for the info DBoy! I just switched to WW for the first time to try and it and the OP was helpful.
Hey, thanks for posting. I added you in-game to ask about farming, but I figure you're busy most of the time you're online. So, if you could describe some of your farming routes acts 1-3 when you have a chance, that would be awesome.
Thanks, This is just a Hobby to me, Same as actually playing the game. But I enjoy this game so much I figure why not help out and build up the community when I can. I try to do as much research as I possibly can and share with you guys even though I am not the best at presenting a guide apparantly... but I know one thing for sure. I remember like it was yesterday the first time I came to these forums looking for help myself, and I could not find it anywhere. I searched up and down, I even googled it! and only thing I could find was "Buy this guide for 19.99$ we will show you all the secrets about Diablo 3 and powerleveling everything". What a joke

Anyways maybe you guys can learn somthing. Good luck!
Dboy Would u mind take a look at my gear! I'm a new barb with limited budget. I want to push my damage to 100k. Which item should i upgrade first?
You need better Rings, amulet, gloves and Offhand. These items give you the most Dps. And yours are all missing to many dps stats.
Would likewise like a new perspective on upgrades. Could spend as much as 500 mil- but honestly the true upgrades seem all to cost 300-400 mil+

Any tips on where to start? Oh and reason I have the Sever on- is while paragon farming in MP0-1 most everything is one shotted or close to it and so the Sever provides a nearly constant full health bar from its proc with just my belt for LS. That and the cost of off hand with LS seems to be prohibitive- don't want to spend too much of my upgrade in one spot- but... maybe it would be better to upgrade 1 or 2 pieces.

Do you think it is a better start to slowly upgrade all your gear, i.e. spend 8-10 Mil on several upgrades. Or is it better to save for one BIG upgrade, say 50-60 Mil.
Dboy, I think you might have to add that those Str Vit rolls you mentioned are actually 3 rolls.

Str/ Str & Vit/ Vit.
@DBoy187 Nice Barb nice help for the guys on here must question the lack of Movement speed you have I.E boots
I dont farm with the ICs i use a cheap pair of IKs for now, just do Mp10 ubers with my huge stat boots. I am still on the hunt for a good pair of ICs with MS. Saving up to about 700mill for some.

Running with 12% Ms is fine for a Ww barb who is on a budget. Perma Wotb and sprint is plenty speed but 24% is nice to aim for when you can afford it.
Yep too true agree fully with you.I myself have a cheap pair of Firewalkers for farming with MS and Pick-up radis so I fully understand
For fast farms i use firewalkers, having doors bust open without clicking is mad awesome!@
Yeah, thats true everyone should have a pair of firewalkers for quick busting threw doors haha, I find myself running into doors alot after I sold my pair of firewalkers. You can get a nice pair 250str for cheap with No Ar.
Hi guys,

thanks for the guide and posts. make you think how to play...

I need some advice about gearing, i have 25m, should i go for other weapons?

It seems that when i equip rings with CC and CD, the DPS stat sheet is bigger then if i equip CC and IAS speed.

how much the IAS is crtical for us WW barbs?


Just wanted to thank you for this informative post (and your other). Just got back to the game after a break and was really struggling with my Barb, was getting crushed in Act3. Using your info I was able to organize my gear a lot better for my small budget and can now sail through Act 3 on MP1 and MP2. You helped my fun and my farming, so greatly appreciate all the work and time you put into these posts. Now time to get that paragon level up and start saving for some nice gear.
Elgenvector, I think getting big upgrades once your set is at a comfortable level that way you can start working more towards end game items.

Mrpotatoe, if Cc/Cd rings are adding more damage. It all depends on what youve been focusing with your gear. For example Cd for me adds more damage because my gear is more focused towards it than someone who has A lower amount of Cd and Dps. Attak speed would be benificial to someone who allready has a large amount of it but its best to try to balance them out in the beggining. A good Aps for ww barbs is about 1.8 minimum offhand always know the breakpoints of your tornados procs. Its roughly 2 ticks less than your current Aps. So at 1.8 Aps I believe its 16 Ticks, And 2.0aps would be 18 ticks. Just take your Aps and minus 2. This is a rough estimate.

For everyone asking for advice and what gears to upgrade I cannot reply and gearcheck everyone sorry im very busy with gear sets. You can easily make a post if you wanted a more acurate gearcheck from the comunity or if anyone here would be so kind to help these guys that need gearchecks it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
How do you feel about balancing? What are the key breaking points where you begin to carry lower stats? Would you mind outlining that? I've been struggling with finding the soft caps and absolute relations between the trifecta stats for a while, I know I've focused too strongly on IAS.

Would it also be fair to say that MS effects your WW DPS strongly? 24% more ms = ~X more tornaders?
Have been quietly stalking barb forums mostly for several weeks, and all the advice from dboy and other gearing gurus has been really helpful. Thanks for this super useful service to other budding barbs. Just wanted to get some opinions on what I should focus on upgrading right now.

Just to give a bit of background, I run the usual WW spec, with either OP-KS or warcy-impunity depending on MP level. Usually spend my d3 time between running MP 1-3 alka run for paragon levels, running MP6-7 for keys n legendaries or doing Ubers at MP7-8. I tried several hybrids including hota and WT but did not really enjoy them, so just wondering how to improve my gear for WW.

I understand I really only have 2 options, either to improve my dps further by getting more DPS stats, or to improve my EHP / sustainability with more AR pieces. Option 2 would (might) allow me to drop superstition for another passive, but I like the passive fury regen from plagued/dese/molten pools as well as being able to gear with lower AR.

Would like some advice if possible. I am kinda addicted to the IK 5 piece set, but may consider replacing if I dont have fury issues.

Thank you so much in advance! (sorry for wall of text)

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