300K DPS EU Monk INVIS saying Hello to US!

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Hello US.

I have heard a few things about US forum not welcoming people from EU. I doubt that is true and here I am. I am a EU well known monk INVIS with 300K dps Un-buffed when speed farming.
I am a streamer on TWITCH and here is the link:

You can check out some of my highlight for example my World Record Solo MP10 Uber kill here:

(Skeleton King & Magdha) 2m30s

(Ghom & Rakanoth) 1m40s

(Siegebreaker and Kulle)
i am not happy with the time on this, if you just want to check out my old recording when i solo kill this a long time ago, you can do so here:

If you want to find out how I did it and with what skills and gear, you can check out my explanation video here:

(World record Uber boss speed kill under 3 minutes)
Enjoy the highlight

also an edited version of the video here:

If you enjoyed what I do and would like to find out more about my build and skills, please come and join my stream.

I will spend some time here in the US forum and see if I can be any help here.

Here is my profile:
Hey man, welcome.

Curious how you handle MP10 reflect or reflect+desecrate or molten with no LS/LoH?
Welcome to this side of the cyber pond!
his build really isnt that bad to say the truth and he does vid to prove mp10

Personally I'd be more interested in someone struggling and using skill to get by.
Watching people faceroll content isn't very exciting. To each their own.
Welcome :)
Hey there, and welcome to the U.S. Diablo III forums! Thanks for saying hello and we hope you enjoy chatting with us.
So wait, isn't it ok if guys sleep in the same bed in EU?
11/14/2012 07:10 PMPosted by shwick
So wait, isn't it ok if guys sleep in the same bed in EU?

I'm curious; in what way is this relevant to your interests?
he must be able to serentiy the RD mobs, otherwise he would last 2 seconds.

Excellent gear though


edit: or gear swap, and leave up the scorn for his paper doll
I did an overseas trip with my ex-girlfriend a couple of years ago and I was completely floored by the charm of Europe. One day, I would love to move to Czech Republic -- if only for the good beer and the women!
This guy above me has 7k DPS rofl !

Lots of peps from eu post here and never heard anything like that . and it s quite the opposite eu forums suck plus monk as a class

I am sure I have lots to learn from you.
What I am interested in most now is any particular excellent build for speed farming. I am currently at 130k DPS unbuffed.
Diablo 3 is not Epic, but your dps is ok Sir..

When Diablo 3 has the epic feel, maybe then u can introduce yourslef with a bang, but for now, is like showing up to UN saying, I am from a country with coconuts, hear me roar.

nah, does nothing..

Plus monk sucks , don t forget ^^ , but your post is epic ^^ i agree
Big fan! Love the speed kill vids, I link you to all my monk friends for their dream gear builds :P Thanks for hopping over to chat with us!

My question, if you don't mind, would be what is your favorite drop you have ever found? My own was a trifecta wizard dps ring that also happens to be the only item I've ever found worth equipping ^,^

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