Improments for my dh

Demon Hunter
just started playing this week. got about 3mil to work with, what gear can i get that would improve my charc? i know it's very undergeared but any advice would help. thanks.
You should definitely look at new bracers. You can pick up legendary Strongarm Bracers for dirt cheap as long as they don't have all resist on them.

Another cheap option would be Andreals Visage helm (not sure if I spelled that right). But if you give up the socket you can get 180-230 dex, 9% attack speed, and 4.5% crit chance for dirt cheap.
thanks mcgriddle!
Your gear is pretty good for having played for only 1 week... I see you are trying to gear for MF so hard to suggest upgrades...
oh, i meant i started playing again this week. i took a break somewhere before 1.5 came out. Yeah, i'm trying to switch out my mf gear with some dps.

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