Fellow Singaporeans Dh please report in

Demon Hunter
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noob dh here
Wah lao eh, like that also can ar! We win liao loh
Hi count me in. Paragon 49 who's higher?
i got no fb ! =(
lim bei eh hobby si farm key ga pah uber. eh sai fight mp5 nia. woo heng chu jio lim bei zuo ding pah. LOL
10/27/2012 08:00 PMPosted by IgnisFatalis
i got no fb ! =(

wa lau anti social =p

hahahaha me also no fb =(
10/27/2012 08:54 PMPosted by AuJo
i got no fb ! =(

wa lau anti social =p

hahahaha me also no fb =(

wo priest ni la, mai copy me leh LOL

boring sun. =/
Eh siah lah! Me too, good to see many SG players here!
Singapore boh beh zhao!
^ this guy above me damn gangster
Wah.. all arrow people
I'm playing from Singapore...add me if anyone wants to play with someone on the same time zone :P
local sg here
S'porean here :)
Only DH ah? Other class can or not? ;p
Dh from Singapore here. Prolly the worst of the lot :) Do add me too, I usually login at about 3:30am and stay till around 8am.
^ Wah u no need work/study in the morning ah? so shiok.

My DH lagi worse. Anyone knows good lobang to upgrade lemme know.
@queenofbabes : Am working but in the night scene that's why the timing lol.

ps: If any fellow sg have anything to sell to help my dh upgrade do add me. Only in Sgd. I'm not gold rich.
Typical Sg player reporting in!

this thread must go ooooon
another here...

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