Error 3003 from RMAH (6th day now)

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My apologies about the wait - we're currently experiencing a high volume of contacts and are working through all issues as efficiently as possible, but we also want to give each player the attention you deserve.

It seems that most of the issue were due to email mismatches which have now been fixed, but which made a lot of paypal accounts show as 'unverified'. If you have that unverified status then it is fixed by double checking with paypal that your status is now verified and then remove and reattach your Paypal to

I hope this fixes it, David.

ill try now
not working here my paypal is verified
LOL. Not working. paypal also verified.
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Thanks for contacting us today. After reviewing your account, it still does not appear that the PayPal account has been fully verified which is what is preventing you from using it for the Diablo III Real Money Auction House.

If your PayPal account information matches your account's information already, please also be sure that a valid credit card is attached to the account. Even if the PayPal account has a balance, a valid credit card is required to use it with


my paypal says verified and i have a valid CC. they reply with BS so they dont have open tickets
omg dont they check the forums!!!
Bunch of usual they just push everything to us. Don't they get it, they f-ed up something on their side, and now everyone cannot use Paypal.

Is it so difficult? Stop denying the problem, and perhaps you'll solve it faster.
I am wondering if anyone else have this issue and how they resolved this.

I opened a ticket about this but Blizz do not think there is any issue from their end, but clearly i still have an issue.

When i try to convert some USD into gold (i tested with just 2m), i keep getting an error message of 'due to heavy traffic we cannot process your transaction', my issue is i have had this for days now, and nobody else seem to have this? The same issue when i try to bid on anything in the RMAH.

I run D3 on a Mac.

exactly same things happen to me!!

already created ticket for this. and also added this link in the ticket.... hope they will give a good news

EDIT : what The hell!!!

After creating ticket and give the link of this forum I got reply like this
The Diablo III Real Money Auction House is only available to players in the American and European game regions. If your country of residence is not included in either region, Real Money Auction House access is not possible. For information on countries included in each region, see the Diablo III Real-Money Auction House Regional Access support article here (

If you do reside in one of the listed countries and would like to update your Account's address information to the correct country of residence, see the instructions on submitting a country change request on the Country Change support article here (

and they just mark the ticket as RESOLVED!!!!

da fukkk
It's not due to PayPal being unverified, please read this thread.

I have verified PayPal, I also tried a credit card and have same issue with it.

If blizzard plans to crash the economy, please ignore.

Another thing, I can transfer from PayPal into battlenet account, it takes 1-2 days, this obviously mean its not a PayPal issue, but a blizzard issue.

Review 1.05a, it is due to that patch, it had changed a regional setting perhaps.
I have looked over your account and your paypal profile is no longer verified with their website. You will need to remove the paypal profile and set it back up to get it reverified with thim.

I see that you are having issues with verification errors and need some assistance. You need to go to Pay Pal and verify that Blizzard is authorized on the account. Also, reset your password on and restart your cable modem and router.

got this 2x email from blizz, and i aready did what u say , but still having Error 32105 when selling item in RMAH/paypal
Everybody suddenly has RMAH issues, and they point the finger at us immediately.

Are they trying to be funny? Because it isn't.
I think Blizzard is on crack.

They just CANNOT EXPLAIN why everything fell apart after Patch 1.0.5a.

Instead they just brush it off saying its out Paypal account that is the problem?

They are literally locking funds in America and not letting players from other countries cashing out?

Note: no problems with Battle.NEt Balance.....

I am from Australia....
ye just got an email saying it's on my end, rubbish!
I have the same issue, worked fine previously, now it no longer allows me to use the rmah with a 3003 failed to escrow funds error.
Australian also, and if they try to force me to play in a non english speaking asia region i will uninstall diablo 3 and never play another blizzard game as long as i live.
Just checked my paypal its verified.
This is my reply after a ticket with links to all the threads about this subject:

Thanks for responding to us about this issue, hopefully I can be a little more help with the issue.We are aware of this issue, and thank you for reporting it. The people who are spearheading the investigation and issue, are the same people who would be posting in the threads on the forums about the situation. We have sent the information you have gathered for us over to them as well, so they can look into the situation and fix it as fast as they possibly can. I'm sorry you were having issues with this particular transaction.What "At this time we do not have any more information on the particular error" means we have not been informed if there was a successful fix for the situation yet. Usually these fixes are posted on the forums at the same time it is passed over to support for our knowledge as well. Hence why we suggest all players to keep and eye on the threads that concern their particular issue, because sometime they can get there answer from there alittle faster than having to respond to a ticket.Hopefully that helps clear the issue. If you don't see anything in the threads in the near future feel free to contact us about this issue, and we can let you know if we have heard anything as well.If you have additional questions or concerns, please reply to this ticket. If you have any separate issues that you need help with, please navigate to the Support section of your account, open a new ticket with us, and we will do our best to help you. Here’s a link to our support site: <>Sincerely,WillAccount & Technical ServicesBlizzard
Why blue Ignore this issue? at least they must say still working to fix this problem or other. why they just ignore this issue?

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