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I have 5 sets of infernal machine plans ready to use but no one to really use them with. All of my mates have stopped playing the game entirely, and most others on my friends list have already crafted 2+ rings already and aren't really interested anymore, especially at the lower MP levels. So I'm looking for others who are in the same boat, ready to use their plans and are looking to make up a group to take on each uber boss in a single session. Feel free to add me, Balsac#1275. I'm probably at an MP5, possibly MP6 level at this stage, I'm not sure what the average base damage between should be to go any higher.

If any others in the future obtain plans and are looking to use them with others, then feel free to post here.
Yo dude. I'm in the same boat. Got 1 machine ready to go and just need 1 more key to make another. Keen to hit up these bosses. Feel free to add, I'll probably be on tonight.
Similar situation guys. Have 3 almost 4 machines. Managed MP5 uber fight with a monk once. Keen to try a group of 3 or 4 next time as was pretty tough. At work at the moment so can't send friend request. If your online then request me.
same as me guys. all my mates stopped playing, am keen for uber runs. I usually do MP7
Hi, I also the same boat with you, got 2 machines ready but cannot find buddies to beat uber. usually mp5 and running with a monk and dh friend. please add me kazumakiryu #6216.
Feel free to add a fellow tank barb - I'm always around to help!
Keen also, have one key set so far, hope to have 3 by the next day or two.
Looks like I'm not the only one!

Will go through the list and add you guys tonight, I work during the days and am usually on 3-4 nights a week from 7pm QLD standard time, so please don't accept if you mainly game during the day as I'll never see you online.

Great to see that people are willing to actually share their plans and want to have a fair crack at these uber bosses, rather than taking away all challenge/excitement by handing over their plans to overpowered characters in exchange for their 'service' to guarantee organ parts dropping.
I don't have any keys or machines or anything but would love to tag along if you need more dps, or to even farm keys. Im usually on for a few hours after work.
Kewl, message me if you guys wanna have some fun!
Hey dudes. (And dudettes if such a thing exists in this game)

I farm keys in MP10 and kill the ubers easily in MP5.

have not tried MP6 ubers solo but Im sure I we can all waste them if we had a group.

Add me!! And maybe add a message like "Uber RUnner" or "NZ Key Farmer" or something :)

Im usually on after 5 - between 5 and 12ish most nights..

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