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Hi Genesis, I really need help with my gear, I'm having trouble figuring out the right combination to get a good DPS and health or at least resistance so i don't die so fast.
Glorious thread! i find it very informative.

However, i have some questions Genesis,

I have a low EHP. (210k), but have a higher life (41k) and armor(5k)
but still these freakin Fallen Maniacs can blow me to death in just 1 strike. (but with the gloom on, not a chance). how do i solve this? how can i raise my EHP? or do i need to raise EHP or just get higher life?

also, is my current profile ok for xp farming @ MP2? i find it difficult to farm on that mp level.

here's my diabloprogress profile.
what should be my next upgrade? i was able to solo mp10 ubers but i really feel like my dps is too low compared to my old cm wiz.
What advice can you give my DH? I know I need to focus on more eHP, but is there anything else? And particular with eHP, where should I look for it? Pants? Gems? Gloves? Chest?

I was thinking of getting Vast Expanse to replace Embrace. I will still get the 130 dex bonus, and Vast Expanse has much better Vit rolls.

I just came back after a 4 month layoff and between finding a couple of drops (ammy, rare ring) and spending 8mil I am at the point I'm at now. I think I hit all of the low hanging fruit. Any advice on cheap upgrades that will cost me less than 2-3 mil?

Good luck!


Your build is looking really good. One thing is standing out for me. That would be your bow. It might be worth investing in a manticore with higher damage and dex. I have no clue what your budget is, but that's what I would probably look at. If you wanted to pump up your eHP a little bit more, you could get a mempo with vit. That's a pretty inexpensive upgrade that should really help. Other than that, it will be small upgrades.


The first thing I would do would be to change out your nats sight for a high dex mempo and trade your bracers in for either rares or strongarms with CC, dex and vit/AR (or both if you're doing rares). That should net you a DPS boost and a pretty good eHP boost. After that, keep working on your CC and CD. Your eHP is pretty low right now, so I would also look at trying to get some more vit (try to get another 200+).


You've got a pretty solid amount of eHP (320k), so I feel like your deaths may be due to your inability to kill them fast enough. Your CC is awesome, your CD is pretty good and your AS isn't bad either. Your dex isn't critically low either, so I feel like the bottleneck of your DPS is probably your bow. Try to get one with much higher damage.

Your skills also might be contributing to why you can't kill fast enough. I haven't actually used evasive fire, but it's generally agreed that HA - SoT or bola - volatile are the best hatred generators. They should really help put out the damage without making you lose disc by backflipping. Also, for EA I would suggest you try using ball lightening. It has a much better AoE, so you should be able to clear rooms much more quickly and completely. NT isn't bad, but it's range is much less than BL.


Thanks! My advice for fallen maniacs is to kill them before they blow up. Not very helpful, I know, but that's really the best way to deal with them if you can't take the hit. If you want to be able to take a hit from one, you'll need higher eHP I guess. One of the easiest ways to get eHP is with a mempo. Great resists, natural %life and a socket for more life. It also should improve your DPS (provided you get nats boots to keep the 2 set bonus, which I would highly suggest).

For DPS, I would suggest working on your CD and AS. Your CC is pretty good (I would try to get it higher if you can, but that's not crucial). You should also look into getting a better bow. These days, it's hard to beat manticores as far has 2h crossbows go.

For farming, definitely stick to MP1 or even MP0. The most efficient (in terms of exp and loot) are the low MP levels, regardless of your gear. I normally do MP1 or MP2, but nothing higher unless I want to challenge (when I have time… which hasn't been for a while).


Your DPS is by no means low, so don't worry so much about that (220k unbuffed is right around the top 500th in the server). I would look at improving your eHP at this point. That's what I am trying to figure out how to do for myself in a cost efficient manner. Haven't had much luck figuring it out… Not very useful advice, I know, but that's the best I've got!


I basically have the same response as above. I agree with your idea of eHP, but I'm at a loss of where to get it. For you, inna's vast expanse wouldn't be a terrible idea. Reason I say that is because you aren't currently taking advantage of the damage bonus on your nats embrace. That's one of the key reasons I'm still sticking with it.

I don't know what your budget is, so things that I've ruled out for myself may still be viable for you. I would suggest you look at diabloprogress, sort by heroscore and check out what top tier DHs are doing for eHP. I've noticed that a lot have gone to rare pants with high dex, vit and resists. It would be a pretty big DPS hit for me (and they certainly aren't cheap), but it would probably boost eHP by quite a bit. Again, pretty useless advice!


I would probably consider getting a vit mempo to replace your nats sight. It should boost your eHP substantially. You may want to switch your left ring out for something that has CC and CD. Your shoulders aren't bad, but you could probably boost your eHP and DPS by going to vile wards. With that budget, there isn't a whole lot to suggest really. Your gear is to a point where upgrades will probably start costing about that much each (or not really be worth it).
Thanks Genesis, your advice is not useless, at the very least it is affirmative of my thoughts. I did see a few leaders on diabloprogress with rare pants. Im not sure I can afford the loss in IAS though. Especially with the fact that Manticore is soo slow. Thanks! Much appreciated.

According to d3rawr, if I add 110vit along with another 70dex in pant and chest upgrades, I would kick my eHP to 613k eHP... still 200k eHP short... I guess that will come with higher paragon levels.

Thanks again!

I would love to hear your feedback.
What should be my priorities?
As finals wind up and Christmas comes, my time here will be kept to a minimum, particularly between Dec 21st and Jan 7 (my break). Once I come back, I'll probably just start a new thread (so keep your eyes open) and may consider making a better guide for my current sample build. Even with my first post, I find myself basically saying the same things over and over again. I don't mind helping you, but I do have plenty of other things to do, and it honestly gets pretty boring repeating myself. I enjoy looking at your unique situations trying to figure it out or answering specific questions though. Those types of queries keep it interesting for me and show me that you've put some thought into it. It also helps me learn more, both for you guys and myself.

I also just received a friend request looking to see my build in game. The build I always reference isn't my actual build, it's the simulated gear in the first post. If this person was talking about my actual gear, that became impossible a few hours ago. I decided to liquidate my gear, so that won't be possible. I won't be playing for the next few weeks and I suspect prices will keep going down. Hopefully when I regear in Jan, I'll be able to make my build even better. I'll be changing a couple things around putting more emphasis on eHP. Hopefully this plan doesn't bite me in the !@#. Only time will tell!


Yeah, I definitely know what you mean. It's a tough spot. The only way I would do rare pants would be if I could get a decent pair of lacunis to offset the MS and AS loss.


Boosting your eHP would be one of the first things I would do. You're sitting at 126k right now which is pretty glassy. Going to a mempo with vit is one of the easiest ways to boost your eHP. Also, if you're doing rare pants you might as well do it right. Get some good vit, resists and dex on there. Same with your belt. Go for much higher vit and resists if you are going to use a rare. Otherwise, you'll most likely want to use inna's belt and pants combo. I would also drop your boots for nats so that you get the 2 piece set bonus. For DPS, your bow could be improved. Even if you just get a 1200 DPS 1 soc with dex, that would be substantial.
thanks for the advice. got a calamity from a friend, raised my Attack speed but lowers my EHP. (LOL!) but i get the hang of it since permastun is close to reality to me now. (and using gloom+nether tentacles for those dying moments.) Mempho is expensive though! have to farm faster for that!

Need some help on increasing DPS without losing to much eHP.
Help with any advice. Have about 10m to upgrade. Would like to increase dps. Can survive on Mp4-5 but with some deaths. Thanks in advance.

As long as you're enjoying it and making it work, anything goes!


You've hit basically all of my usual targets for AS, CC and CD, and your bow isn't bad so the only thing I see holding back your DPS is some dex. While your dex isn't bad, you can definitely get it up a bunch higher. I would also suggest improving your eHP. One place that really stands out for me are your bracers. If you're going to use strongarms, you definitely want to make use of the eHP roll. By that I mean don't go cheap on the AR or vit since you can only get one of them. Go big! My old strongarms had 230 dex and 80 vit on them which really gave me some decent eHP. That 18 AR on yours isn't doing much at all, so try to increase it and grab some more dex while you're at it (or switch to rare bracers with dex, vit, AR and CC). Your belt is also not optimal for DPS (with your budget). I used the same inna's belt for quite a while (found out that it's actually worth very little), yet it gave me the same or more DPS than 150m+ WH belts, with only 20k or so eHP less. Since your WH isn't doing anything substantial in the way of eHP or DPS, I would go to inna's belt. It will also help you stack up your dex with the set bonus, and the holy damage bonus never hurts. One other thing you could do would be to get a bow with similar or higher damage that also has dex on it. You could squeeze a bunch of dex out of that.


I'm not too sure what to suggest. With 10m, you're starting to get to the point where you can follow my sample build in some areas, but not the full thing. Your eHP is quite low, and your DPS also needs some work. I would read my first post and see what you can take away from it. You'll have to do some messing around since you won't be able to get all the things I suggested. Read my next post. I made a budget BUDGET build that might help give you some ideas too.
Many people have been asking what I would suggest doing with a very small budget. I normally didn't have any sort of useful answer for them since there is so much variety with rares. Since I liquidated my gear, I decided I would quickly slap together a super budget build and show you guys. Seeing as it is Christmas, I thought I'd give it away to a brand new DH to help get them started.

It's nothing crazy, but I was able to smash through MP1 pretty easily and pound azmodan. The entire build (gems included) cost me under 800k. It's not perfect, but it's a pretty solid build for its price. If I were to do it again, I would sacrifice some CD and a little CC for some AS and drop some vit to increase dex. Some highlights of the build:

-57k unbuffed DPS (74k buffed)
-300k unbuffed eHP (475k with dodge)
-74k life
-48.5% CC
-405% CD
-1.38 attacks per second

Full build and details:

Hopefully you guys can learn from it a bit. If you are a brand new DH and would like a hand, post on here and I'll consider you for the gear. I'd like to give this to someone that can't afford the gear, so only post if you truly need it.
I feel like i'm hitting a wall. I don't know what item to get for my DH anymore.

What's top two or three items I should get to improve my DH? Say I have around 20 mil.

One of the biggest things you need to do is to get away from that andy's. While it gives you some decent DPS, the lack of eHP and massive extra fire damage makes it a huge weakness. I would go to a high dex mempo that has vit. It will boost your eHP, life, and should give you somewhat comparable DPS. Your bracers are also doing very little for you right now. A good boost to your DPS would be to swap out your chest for nats and get inna's belt. You may also want to look for a DML with higher AS and dex.

Your skills might also be hindering you a bit. For farming low MP, there are basically two standard builds that are top notch. First is the build with either HA - SoT or bola - volatile as your hatred generator and EA - BL as you AoE attack. You could also use spike traps as one of your other skills, but I generally find that low MP elites die faster just by shooting them. Another option is a strafe build. It's become pretty popular because of its simplicity to use. Requirements to make it effective are higher, but it's worth considering. Give those skills a try and look into the gear I suggested. I'm sure with some of those changes you'll find yourself just pounding through everything.
Updated the first post to more explicitly state my little giveaway thing.
@Genesis I went and bought a cheap inna's belt and it did indeed increase DPS by 8k and even eHP.

Now my next question is, I want to get rid of that oculous ring. Should I go for a really expensive Nat's or try something else?
Figured I could get some thougths on my DH here. I'd really like to be able to get the hellfire ring (and then start leveling) but I understand I'm not there yet gearwise to tackle ubers?

What are the next few upgrades I should aim for?
Hey guys. Hit 60 yesterday and bought some really cheap stuff on the auction house for <100k each. I'm looking to spend some of my gold now, but what items should I upgrade? What's my weakest item?

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