error 73?

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Darn it... i was in the middle of Azmodan... :(
we are currently farming Uber Bosses ~.~
Freakin supprise blizzard buttsekz
Sandy? Lawl
error creating the game (error 1).
us too (me and my husband). wasted an infernal machine, we were already on ghom.
Playing HC and got this as I ran into a mob........... I better not be dead
Someone tripped the server power cord.
i was not able to create game / join game / private msg, and log out to try login again. and got the same error
My stream and I are all having this same issue.
Any blue posts about it?
same as well
same err
Really, why Bilzzard have so many problems...................
Dang! Just about to engage key warden too.
Damn a set chest armor dropped then BAM! Error 73. Nice one Blizz.
When this is fixed, I can't wait to log back in and play single player again!
WOW really!!!!

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