error 73?

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its error 37 backwards... evil...
anyone for offline mode???
blizzard is getting sued or got sued by korea, germany and some other country due to poor latency to their servers.... i wonder if us americans will do the same. this is bs for real
Same Error 73
i think it means blizz is closing down the servers... :(
i just kill diablo not yet pick up the rare item WTF
Yep error here too, 5 NV stacks in mp6 looking for a2 keywarden >.<
There's an auction ending in roughly 2 min from now that I wanted to bid on... now I lost.
Oh my God the auction is ending soon...
hurry up guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
same here
just found Skorn... better still be in my inventory....bloody hell
Yup, just got bumped off!! :(

Servers say they are up, too.
was busy spin drying and bam got kicked
You're most likely dead man, sorry to break it to you but same thing happened to a friend just then and he died from it.
outage again i think i played for 10 mins in the last two days... im getting kinda sick of this
another roll back ?!

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