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I was trying some MP10 specific skills and runes out and I found this epic build I wanted to share. Caltrops - Jagged Spikes, Spike Trap - Echo Blast, Bola Shot - Imminent Doom>This is the important part of the build, spam caltrops and spike traps on top of each of in front of the mobs as u slowly move them and shoot bolas at them.

The damage will start ticking many times and second: Each Caltrop Jagged Spikes 270% over 6 secs, Each Spike trap 275% x 2 average Echo ticks out of 3, and then your Immiment Doom ticks of 216% of per with a 149% splash. I also use with this build Vault, Gloom, Cluster Arrow/Impale but there are probably other viable combos.

Check it out, its pretty intense damage.
Sounds interesting. I find with the DH that every time I switch skills there is a re-learning curve. I get it, but damn if I don't die alot getting used to it.

I'm nowhere near being at MP10 level, but sounds like a fun build to try out.
I am in the process of clearing MP10, however i feel that the build I am using could be better.
Any sugesstions?
This build can tank very well with gear set up I have, I can stand in mobs in mp 10 fields, act 2 oasis, anywheres really! i'm pretty sure once I get better dmg that the damage from stun grenades will heal me fully while in gloom which will take care of my problem with kw in a2.. Also the rain of vengeance /anathema rune helps to steal life if i'm in gloom and frozen so it takes care of a lot of problems there ,Also I can perma stun mobs pretty much I own mp 10 ubers whisper me if u want to see me own 3 and 4 elite groups with super mobs in mp 10 this is the build!! it matches the berzerk barb skill face to face and if anyone thinks other call me out and lets play,Also there is a bug with grenade attacks against kw in act 2 where you have to fight inside his bubble not so bad if you get good attack speed with the stun grenades, message me Jersey#1837(Americas) <---- just check my build I posted it on
I am in the process of clearing MP10, however i feel that the build I am using could be better.
Any sugesstions?

Have a look at the build I'm currently running on my Demon Hunter.

It clears mp10 like a breeze. It's either around about the same or a little slower than farming on my WD, but the survivability I have is out of this world.
yes I will check yours but check mine we should play sometime add me jersey#1837 i own 3 and 4 elite groups at a time kiting super mobs and sit in middle of it
You have a lot of really nice gear which helps you out a lot there geezer someday ill have that gear also but as it is now i can kill easy in mp 10 there are them moments of tough fights but thats the game
if u use the aoe grenades your disc regens so fast u can stay perma gloom. i use spike traps but i was thinking of using chakram with cloud but i dont know the radius on it. but with using the aoe nades and spike trap i can stay perma gloom with enough life regen to stand in everything. if u know the radius on the cloud let me know
Radius on what grenade is 8 yards
Stop playing your necromancer.
This thread died last year.
let's keep it that way.
oh no I don't know the radius however i got a bud who use's traps server down so cant check him out yet hit me up sometime
Well stop reading old news lol I just found it and i cant find updated crap
Ah, I was unaware of the date for the OP.
This is not up-to-date information.
DH's have moved on from that build due to the RF buff that has occurred since dec 9, 2012

If you want up-to-date information, try reading the build info stickies in the DH forum.
If you have DH related comments or questions, post there.
You said to call you out, Jersey. well I have to. I have tried EVERY build, the DH dies way to easy in MP10, reflect is insane, .. It would be hard and VERY expensive to get a better build than what I got, but I find ANY other character can own mp10 much easier than the DH, actually I am calling Blizzard out on this, as its not really fair for us that like DH's more than other guys, if you look at ALL my guys you will see I have them setup to the max. That being said, at mp10, ubers are easy, but all other characters can solo mp10 ubers with ease, the DHG is VERY hard to do solo, I can, but VERY hard. its not balanced correctly.

Also, side note: I have around 100 hellfires, and I think for how hard you have to work at them, that you should get something other than brimstone, like any old crap 60 legendary. I think with new patch you should at least get 1 body part back, 1/3 chance for each part plus 1 btimstone. or a key and body part, heck even a 1/1000 chance to get a infernal machine... but always get 1 of the 3 body parts. that's why im saving most of my hellfires, and they are starting toi take up a lot of room. PLEASE DO SOMETHING FAIR.

EDIT:: oh yeah, I think my # is BCR#1363
Anyone who says there are only 1 or 2 builds per class in D3 just haven't tried very hard. There are at least 5+ viable builds for every class. Monk has at least 10.

I'll have to try this out at some point. My little DH is self found and still in MP0 but once I start to play him again I expect him to move up MPs pretty fast since you don't need much to get to MP3+.
To Ender, I have to disagree, it takes more for the DH to move up, well rather paragon them up. They paragon the slowest of all guys, I have 10 characters, DH is 96 or 97. and barb flies through paragon levels. same with monk, if that's what you are talking about. also out of the 10 guys I have, all are above 60, and have done most guys 3 or 4 times to 60+, the barb I have deleted, and remade 5 times, each one to a paragon level.

EDIT:::corrected a word..
I run MP10 with a 0 Chak + Rapid Fire combination.

Works very, very well.

Chak is my primary, offers fast, hard hitting AoE, and Rapid Fire provides the single target nuke.
When DH novices were toying with hungering arrow/ball lightning, I am already a tanking melee DH since last year July. I am literally the only one who used Bola and tank with the unique style of mine until late bloomers discovered how to really play DH just recently. Back then, all DH got no clue on how to control a DH and complaints about uncountable deaths.

My style is straight up Bola (Volatile), Gloom and Spike Trap (Echoing Blast). Dont need caltrops which is unnecessary because I dont need to slow mobs down. Instead , I want mobs to come real quick at me. When you got the dps purely from gears, you dont have to waste time casting caltrops (for the cc?) all over. By the time you cast all the caltrops, I have already cleared the mobs and move on. Its all about clearing asap effortlessly (less skills used as possible) and move on (Vault) fast. Simply lure all mobs as many as possible around me (without lagging yourself), turn on Gloom and Bola, thats enough for mobs. As for elites, the same thing but with Spike Traps. I dont need to run around or lay traps so far from me, I lure all of them and stay in place. Thats how spike traps work, use yourself as a bait and your Spike Traps laid close around you will do all the heavy damage. When in Gloom, Spike traps return huge chunk of life to you whenever it goes off in split second and when you have all 3 in place, you dont need to worry about getting life back quick with your primary skill (or Bola). Spike Trap and Gloom is my secret to tanking poison pool, arcane and molten all at the same time if needed.

Of course, your eHP, Armor, All Res factors in too and I have it all in optimal level, and thats why ppl still die in Gloom because they overlook these attributes. Damage itself dont make you farm faster when you keep dying in challenging situations, weeds. When you finished counting your deaths, I am already engaging in another elite group simply bcos I am not dumb enough to ignore defensive stats. Its all about efficient and fast farming (less skills used, short engaging time with monsters and move fast). Discipline is just all on Gloom and Vault. Move fast, farm fast, end fast. I see someone above use Chakram which is totally not needed when Bola is enough to clear mobs and Chakram (at this time) is time-wasting low damage against elites, use that slot for better skill designed for a different situation, you dont need 2 skills to kill mobs, junior.

Bola Shot - for mobs
Spike Trap (Echoing Blast) - for elites
Rapid fire - for gobs or stubborn single elite/mob/kw
Vault (Tumble) - move faster and further with less Discipline cost (its not just about killing faster, efficient farming also means you move quick, cover the map and end game quick for next game)
Preparation (Battle Scar) - restore discipline and life (Always have an emergency plan)
Shadow Power (Gloom) - A Must Have

To add on, those who use Steady Aim in their passive skill, give me a break. Ever since the latest patch implemented with higher monster density, mobs will be all around you like bees on honey. There goes the days of running around like a mouse and staying a safe distance from monsters, Its all about melee and tanking for DH now. It is a common situation now and if you still think Steady Aim is useful, quit your DH bcos you got zero knowledge how its skills work. You either dont understand what Steady Aim means or you are just a profile-dps noob.
Really, you are the one...
Wow, vanity... nah, actually what you state you use, I have used since day one, when the game came out, I use bola/imminent doom rather than your style, but other than that, yes I have used that, at not yesterday. I have/had depends on gearing resists to 1,000
but resist is least needed, above 400. rather armor with used correctly for damage reduction is much better, I still have all thatr gear where everything is 80 all resist. EVERYTHING. well innas pants and belt were 70 all resist.

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