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Hello everyone.

My name is Kezumi, and I am a huge Diablo fan.

Although I love the lore and setting, I really hate storyline flaws.
Unfortunately enough, I think I might have found one.


The flaw is as follows:

The 7 great evils were created when Anu destroyed Tathamet.
Tathamet's heads became the 7 great evils.
His three more prominent heads became the prime evils, and the 4 other heads became the lesser.
Now, of the lesser evils we have Asmodan, Belial, Duriel, and Andariel.
Lord of sin, Lord of lies, Prince of pain, and Maiden of anguish.

Now for the flaw: Duriel and Andariel could in no way be directly created of the heads of Tathamet, as they are the grandchildren of Mephisto.
Could that be why they are called "Prince" and "Maiden" rather then "Lord" and ... (whatever the title is for a female greater evil, for the concubine of Asmodan is also "Maiden" of lust, and she is a prime nor a lesser evil).

So if Duriel and Andariel are not the evils created by the destruction of Tathamet, who are?
Maybe something for in a next game?

I really hope this will be settled, and I hope even more that this will be the biggest and only real flaw in the storyline.

Thank you for reading!

First, I think that the titles are more about rank rather than birth. I mean Cydea is the concubine of a lord so she most be ranked fairly high.(note the distinguishing use of "the" instead of "a")

Also I should add that there is another flaw in that they mention specifically 3 prime evils, Azmodan and Belial certainly don't behave like lesser evils and only prime evils had to be trapped in a soul stone.(There were a few references to this in D2 though it was not out right stated)
Do you have a citation for the connection to being related to mephisto? I seem a similar reference on the Diablo wiki, but there's not citation for it there. However, if it is indeed an earlier intention, then its a matter ret-con or a matter of human words trying to fill in for demonic hierarchies.

If you want to find story flaws though, I'm sure you'll find many since the previous games and lore were kinda rushed together to be placed inbetween action sequences.

The Book of Cain explicitly states that the tale of that battle is not known, historical fact by anyone, in Heaven, Hell, or Sanctuary, and that a fair number of people believe it to be metaphorical, if they believe it at all. It also states that the nature of demons and other beings from outside of Sanctuary do not operate as they do in the "normal" world.

That said, I remember Lilith being Mehphisto's "daughter", or something, but not on the Andariel and Duriel other than the two being "siblings".
"Descendents" of Mephisto could simple be a colorful way of saying that the desire to inflict Pain and Anguish comes from Hatred.
this is all human writings....

i doubt anyone has had a true testimony out of demons before.
yeah those are just ranks, duriel and andariel come from 2 of the heads, also they can be as powerful as each other even the prime evils, thats why they also have conflicts with each other and why we have the beginning story of D2

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