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Among many unsatisfied players i agree the movement speed in general should be revised, im not happy at all with my character mobility , even with the +10 MS passive from the monk .


I feel that lifting cap for an extra 10-15 MS ( for a total of 35-40 ) would put me ( and perhaps more players) on a sweet spot, is this much to ask for?, i would level 100 paragons just for that or work my !@# to obtain it through 3 pieces of gear, i dont care how but i would really love it happening.


Raising the cap up to 30 and let items have move speed roll between 10% and 15%.

Is this an issue that developers are considering to adress in some future? how can i achieve a better mobility on my farm sessions? will there be any improvements on mobility for Monks? its really frustrating to be on a farming route for the hundreth time and feel "slow" :(

Feel free to jump in and trow a reponsible solution ! i want this matter to be adressed in a smart and moderated fashion, its not about greed its about getting things right for the experience without compromising game integrity, its the way i like to carry my thread suggestions.

Remember the forum TRINITY ! Comment..Thumb and Sticky ! :D
yep, a movement speed on everything unbalances the rest of your stats or at least raises the price of your equip beyond common sense.
To my knowledge, monk mobility wise theres only 2 choices at the moment , either tempest rush or dashing strike both are great but need a lot of tweaking , for instance tempest rush cost is insanely unsustainable without a major rework of gear and skills and its not at all that effective compared to other classes skills like teleport or barb infinite MS bonus.

Dashing strike got a ton better with the scaling attack speed ! but the problem is when there are no enemies around ( thus you are in a large empty space where you need the movement speed the most ! ) .. the distance traveled is equal or worse than regular walking.. wich makes a waste of a skill slot.
i think they should raise it to 30 and let items that can have move speed roll between 10% and 15%.

Either from gear or from paragon. both are great ideas
11/06/2012 12:01 PMPosted by emitnulB
i think they should raise it to 30 and let items that can have move speed roll between 10% and 15%.

That sounds interesting too, ill add it to the solutions part
Yes I came back to D3 the other day, I had not logged in since TL2 was released and the thing that got me the most was how slow I am compared to the other game, not only that but its a slow run and a stuttering jerky ride due to way more lag since the last time I played.

I used to run D3 with all settings maxed now I have to turn off shadows just to be able to move at all...I have the same internet provider I had before so something must have changed on Blizzards end, not mine.
11/06/2012 01:29 PMPosted by HainKurt
3. add special quest or items that gives ms (separate than current gears)

What kind of quests or items u have in mind? would they be permanent or temporal ?? it would be cool if u elaborate that
I'm one of the many players that thinks movement speed is fine as it is. Please keep it that way Blizz.
uncap it. there are loads of items that can boost m/s. good for build diversity. in pvp it may be capped to 25%

EDIT - atm its like chinese democracy lol. everyone can have as much as they like but not over 25%. its kinda retarded if you think about it, hey, lets cap dps to 100k.
If there was no cap, I'd have 36% move.
@Hex what class you roll ? what ms u usually are at ? how do you move efficiently through your game sessions? how do you feel your over all speed on your farming routes? and why do you think MS is fine as it is? i would like to know more about your experience
11/06/2012 02:29 PMPosted by Hex
I'm one of the many players that thinks movement speed is fine as it is. Please keep it that way Blizz.

When PvP comes out, boosted MS will be extremely obnoxious if not game-breaking.

As it is, you only want the boost b/c you're impatient.
When PvP comes out, boosted MS will be extremely obnoxious if not game-breaking.

As it is, you only want the boost b/c you're impatient.

For the first point i guess theres no real way to know for sure until pvp arrives, if anything further balancing can be done ( as suggested by some other players to reduce/cap MS at PvP and keep an increased value on PvE)

As for the impatience, thats a correct term to call it, but keep in mind that impatience is created from a degree of frustration and that is not good in the long run for any videogame ( specially on a prolonged basis such as during every run session) , and of course is desirable and worthy to be adressed, given enough players find it so!
Is this the correct way for talking this Lylirra? id aprecciate some attention :D
Once upon a time I posted about giving all attributes a secondary, lesser benefit. Dexterity would give all players small amounts of move speed for example. I was thinking like .5% per 100 above the cap. So my DH with currently 24% would have an additional 13% with 2600 dex:)

If your class doesn't "use" dex, at least if your items happened to stack it it would give you an additional benefit besides dodge.

(I had other ideas for int and str, but that's off topic)
I support,

But 30% is not enough.. another 5% would be hardly felt .. a 36% - 50% is the range of cap i would love to see.

25% is just too slow if your not Barb / Monk with the speed buffs.

But heres another idea i think ... instead of raising MS cap place alot more elites / white mobs in the map closer to eachother so it feels like you always fight thru your way ... many maps are just too big and there arent enough mobs that fills it.
I don't get this apparently. I feel that movement speed is mostly fine. I typically run the 12 percent on the boots and try to fine faster attack speeds when I can use them. But there are skills on many of the characters that enable you to move faster, I have seen them.

Wizards have Teleport.
DHs have Vault combined with a passive can give them uber speed.
Barbs have sprint.
I know the WD have some possibilities for serious speed.
I have not played the monks enough to work on the, but they surely have their methods.

The only reason I can see some of you wanting more speed, is because you feel that you can't burn through an area fast enough as they are now. Heck the other night, I was almost panting to keep up with the group I was with, and that was just due to me picking up yellows as I went. Thank goodness I have a large pickup radius on the DH. lol

I couldn't tell you how many times they would burn through the elites and by the time I got there, grabbed my shares, the white mobs closed in and I had to bolt! lol

But the speed is fine, I would just vault and haul tail, or hit sprint if the barb, or teleport my way across the map to catch up.

Just my thoughts.

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