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So, I've noticed that there are people looking for a party where EACH PLAYER has three machines ( 3 x 4 = 12 machines in total).

Why is that?

Can we open 12 portals in one game?
or is it just to maximize our chance of obtaining the organs in four different games?
I think everyone just works as a team and you repeat the same thing 3 times, ...so everyone did the work gathering keys and then you get 3 chances to roll a ring. Assuming all organs drop.
last night i did 3 IM on MP4 and no organs.. more IM = higher chance. team work
so you can do 4 in a row.
11/07/2012 11:41 AMPosted by hilo
Why is that?

I'm guessing it's for a number of reasons. One, every one is contributing to the run equally (at least in terms of materials). And two, the more portals you have, the more chances you get at demonic organ pieces.

As for why 3 machines and not some other number? That's probably because you can only open 3 portals max per game. While the portals are random, you can't actually be sent to the same Realm of Pure Evil twice in a single session. So, it probably just makes everything more efficient. Player A uses their machines in one game, then player B uses their in next, etc etc.
It's so that the number of machines everyone puts in is equal to make 4 full games (i.e. 3 portals opened per game).

If each person in a party of 4 only has 2 machines each, the 3rd game made would only have 2 portals created. One other person would need to put in an extra machine to make it a full game.
i wish there was 4 portals. it gets awkward when there are 4 guys and you can only use 3 machines. i always lag behind so i dont have to use my machine. lol.
...and that's why you each bring 3 machines. So each person puts in 3 machines for 12 portals (4 games) total. Fair and even.
What annoys me is when I get into a group of 3 players and they invite a 4th player with a machine, then nobody wants to use their machine b/c they want to be the lucky one who doesn't have to use theirs.

If everyone has 3 machines, you can have 2-4 players and it's still fair.

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