totally unplayable yet again

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over last weekend it was fine after underclocking my GPU and GPU fan on 100%
now whenever monsters come on the screen I freeze and am dead when the game comes back
interesting that the catalyst control centers performance "activity" meter is pegged at 100% all the time in game, at the main menu, in the AH. Really 100% with a static screen. it does drop very low during cinamatics. during a level change it drops until the new screen shows up.
This time WOW and TF2 are both working fine with ZERO lag. This is an issue with Diablo III only and yes it's still happening.
results of CPUID temps
cpu cores 41-46C
GPU max 44C
I can put the GPU fan on auto or manual with no difference
GPU and memory underclocked by 10%
I can always tell when bad guys are about to show up because the game freezes

and again other games do not do this. this is Diablo III only
are you playing in windowed/ fullscreen (windowed)/fullscreen?
i like playing in fullscreen window mode and recently its been really choppy for some reason. however, i tried switching to fullscreen to see if it made a difference and it had no choppiness. so i think there is something going on there with the optimization for windowed modes.
I have tried both and see no difference.
Have you returned the clock back to stock? If not, go ahead and do so.

i saw this in another lag post and tried it. disaster the graphics driver goes right back to resetting and then totally locks up - not responding
11/12/2012 03:28 PMPosted by PoolQ
disaster the graphics driver goes right back to resetting and then totally locks up - not responding


if its at stock settings and having problems then something is really wrong.

you should start by doing a clean install of the latest drivers.
go here and install driver fusion
then uninstall your drivers. restart in safe mode and then run the program and remove any graphic driver remnants. then restart your pc in normal windows and install the latest drivers.

if that doesnt solve anything then you should try running a stress test on your graphics card to see if its faulty.
This is Diablo 3 servers only. Its a ongoing problem and they arent saying anything. LAG is gonna kill this game. People wont stand for this.
Ditto. Unplayable!!
I have stress tested the graphics and its fine. other games work fine, even wow. I have cleaned the drivers out and reinstalled. I have rolled back the drivers. The game was playable with 10% underclocked for about a week and then the lag came back. I even upped the power supply to 1200 watts

I just hope blizzard has the entire team working making Diablo playable on high end gaming machines. For me at least this is more important than game play changes.

Interesting that with the several posts I have made about problems that not a single blue has ever responded. I have read all the lag, stuttering, and lock up posts and tried everything posted.
I had hope that all the server work today might have made a difference, but sadly no.

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