Need help with ubers

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Got 3 key sets, who's interested? I need someone powerful to be able to do mp5
I don't understand why you can't do MP 5
Contact me if you need it done on mp9
U can add me. I do a uber service (MP8-10) with some other players. My role is mainly to tank and freeze. Just need you to do the dps and we are set.
I also have 3 sets, looking for someone who can run MP8 or more! Add me in game Divine#1683
Why are you playing it on MP5? You would cane MP5...
I think Loochi has disc issues...only 30 max disc you may need to change your build have vengence
add me, i can farm mp5-6 without problem
11/15/2012 01:20 AMPosted by Romulus
I don't understand why you can't do MP 5

glass cannon build does not survive vs ZK or magda w/o good tanks and/or freezers

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