Help getting DPS to 120-150k

Hey guys, so I was able to get my DPS up to 71k DPS by farming, now I am thinking about buying gear to get the extra added oomph to 120K. What should I replace and please be specific, I don't want to buy something and have it not increase my DPS. Also, I had equipped an similar MH weap in my OH and it decreased my dmg. Is it best to have a sword/mighty weapon in OH slot? Thanks for suggestions.
Dont be put off if your new OH drops your paper dps. If it has big str/crit dam and socket it will make your sprint tornados hit harder. Paper dps doesn't accurately portray double tornado damage.

Getting average damage on your OH ring and a second dps mod on your ammy will help add dps. Always use a dps calc like d3rawr or theasiangamer.

Your mh is quite weak. Im guessing a 1k mace/axe with 150str and socket will outperform your axe. Having no socket and crit on your OH is also limiting your dps, though 250str is nice.

Its also time to transition towards some LS.
if you don't want to waste gold...use a dps calc. It will tell you exactly how much dps an upgrade will give you
How much LS you think? 6%+? for WW Barbs.

The skill damage page tells you everything. Important is "Main Hand swing before using Sprint and WW" and "Off Hand swing before using Sprint and WW". HEre is a quick overview for your char:

Main Hand swing before using Sprint and WW: 305986 DPS
Off Hand swing before using Sprint and WW: 311314 DPS

First thing i see is, you only need 2% more attack speed bonus for your next MH and OH breakpoint. This would increase your fury gain, your hp gain by 600 per second and damage to:

Main Hand swing before using Sprint and WW: 338292 DPS
Off Hand swing before using Sprint and WW: 344782 DPS

This also means, you can drop 9% attack speed and you'll still have the same true damage.

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