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Thanks. Thing is, a better ring/amulet are in the hundreds of millions for an upgrade. Done hundreds of DPS checks with trifecta rings with/without average damage, there just to expensive for the minimal gain I'd get.

@Arahaja is next to be rated. disregard me.

Top notch gears 9.5/10, everything is good...not sure about the WKL though
@jwwk 6/10 upgrade boots and ring need to get nats set .

brutal monk you got there. youre res and life are not that high but il gues at the rate of dmg youre dealing it dosent matter much. upgrade wise hard, but maybe adding some %life or vit in some gear slot probally vile ward.


Very balanced monk you've got there.

Mh need to go, upgrade those gems(especially the one on your spirit stone if you ever change your MH fist with one that doesn't have vit), and you are off to the 100k dps range.

Overall, I'd say you are on the right path, 7/10 :)

Overall, pretty solid monk.

8.5/10, some pieces can be improved
For tankiness 8-9/10. Next item to upgrade would be Lacuni's with cc and dex. Will significantly increase your dps while maintaining other stats.
Very solid monk 9/10. As for your gear your bracers can due with an upgrade 6% chance and some vit and AR. Also maybe wana try investing in some LoH on a neckpiece. I know there's a lot of people that would argue against me but i like the ability to just tunnel vision and stay in on an ubers boss a bit longer.
@Kenny Great monk seems fairly balanced 9/10. Maybe more resists? Easiest upgrade would mostly likely be bracers. The regen, single resist, and high damage are great but I tend to shy away from equipment without vit/armor.

Pretty new to monk so hope I rated right and any advice on me would be great :)

Edit:@Grilled great monk as well 9/10. Only upgrade. I can't think of off hand is a godly inna chest to finish the set off, good luck it'd gonna cost a fortune.
@Uber Could use a 2 set innas to increase dex some more. might i suggest switching to innas temperance with AR so you can use another chest with 3 sockets and more vitality on that as well like a surcoat for more resist and armor like mine. second of all could use more vita to increase your EHP. i would give you a 7.5/10? you have the right idea just the wrong items. your dps could go even higher with higher DPS weapons. find ways to increase dex through your armor so that you dont need to pay for expensive weapons with dex CD OS and AS (IF POSSIBLE) with this dry of a market. im sure you can search for some cheap items

How is block working for you? Different build, almost old school to some extent. Wonder how it would do in PvP.

New to monk, just hit 60 this weekend, having trouble with mp5 compared to my barb thoughts?

@CaptainCarl 9.9/10

no monk is ever perfect, but yours is pretty darn close. You have great armor, and fantastic DPS. I really don't know what you should upgrade, other than simply finding gear with the same affixes expect a little higher (like getting gloves with the same stats only with 10 crit chance and like 40 CD).

@LordDrakon 6/10. You're cetainly on your way to a nice balanced monk. You just need a tad more of everything - most notably crit chance. Try to get 20K more DPS, a little more AR if you can fit it in, and maybe a tad more amor (like to 5500). and you'd be all set. I'm sure once you get to a comfortable enough Plvl, you can take the ring off and upgrade a few pieces with higher affixes (such as your gloves' crit chance) and you'd be all set. Oh and Attack speed is very important too, you could use some more. Might I recommend a Tal Rasha chest or some trifecta gear?


You have pretty nice EHP and sustain. Your damage is lacking heavily however, I think you know this. With your nice CHC, you just need the CHD. Get more CHD, probably weapon (it'll be pricey I know with LS / LoH).

EDIT: For Tal Rasha chest, I say going high vitality is better than getting one with AR. Simply because there are 2 slots where you can get 200 vitality rolls - chest and pants. Cause of this, I find it much easier to stack resists on other slots.

Next question - why don't I have Nat's 2 pc yet? Well, I found my rare ring awhile ago (first week of 1.0.5), and its pretty darn good. Beating that with a Nat's Reflection is so costly, I haven't saved up for it yet. My current setup is pretty good I think - the Zuni boots are nice with the elemental damage on them, eventually I will want a Nat's Reflection with 6% crit plus boots - going to be awhile tho.
no one ever rated me!!! =( =( haha jk. @ fernist i was wondering if that kind of tal rashas is better or a tal rashas with 60-70 AR with less vita is better? though zuni gives decent dex on that one. i think that 7 CC is too good to pass up so i think you should switch to nat ring and boots. boots also give more armor and you can get vita on the boots or double resist. either way i think its an improvement.
8/10 =)
tbh i dont want to rate the person above me because i don't feel im knowledgeable enough..

i would appreciate somebody giving me some advice though.
tbh i dont want to rate the person above me because i don't feel im knowledgeable enough..

i would appreciate somebody giving me some advice though.

6/10 at best, elbows too pointy.

Upgrade your gems and start focusing on increasing your EHP without losing DPS. I'd say ditch the inna's pants for now until you can afford a better pair with high all res, they're not that expensive any more and can be had for around 30mil, until you can afford that go with a rare pair of pants that has high dex, vit, and all res. Replace your chest piece with the inna's set piece, one with 200+ vitality or one with 70+ vit and resistances.
@Nuke~ Oh :O very very defensively oriented as well as decent offense! Maybe improve the crit damage on glove and litany? :x

Please don't mind the fake dps, it is actually 91k unbuffed without mercs... xD

Poverty atkspeed monk, help me improve!

Come flaming arrows of criticism I AWAIT THEE!

Note: Not gonna drop my atkspd! xD I like my screen filled will 20 to 30 ~75k nados (skorn snap shotter :x)
@ davidluv ~ awesome dps 8.5/10. Upgrade - Maybe u used the wrong chest??

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