U want 1m bear crits? I got 1m bear crits.

Witch Doctor
what you'll need;
4 peices of zunimassa's for mana regen, you'll hate using bears without it
* Thing of the Deep *
~350+ crit hit damage, (socketed weapon || 800+ dmg || life steal || crit hit modifier)
Grusome feast + Grave Injustice get a boost from thing-o-deep

Here's a quick video I made to showcase how the build works, my toon has improved since.
Watch in 720p or you'll get a headache

and you're done!
Questions and comments will not be ignored
You want 2M bear crits? I got 2M bear crits.
Active Skills
•Grasp of the Dead - Death Is Life
•Zombie Charger - Zombie Bears
•Mass Confusion - Paranoia
•Soul Harvest - Vengeful Spirit
•Big Bad Voodoo - Slam Dance
•Spirit Walk - Honored Guest

Passive Skills
•Spirit Vessel
•Gruesome Feast
•Grave Injustice

here are skills + runes
Grasp gives a decent # of orbs for grusome feast
Spirit walk can be used somewhat often to help mana regen if you kill fast enough
Spirit vessel is optional, but nice cause no one likes dying

Give it a try, It was worlds better than the classic toads tank I stuck with for so long :)
you have a tal's ammy with 9 crit, and lacuni with 6 crit... maybe when i get a few billion gold to spend i can get soma dat deeps
bought amulet with no buyout for 220m off AH and I found the Lacunis :p
not too bad! I think you lack survivability, mana regen, and attack speed using a 2 hander; that's all personal preference tho

*Edit- The fact that you have 6% life steal and 100% more crit hit damage than me might make up for it
5.9% LS with my 46% crit chance and high crit damage means that every hit is a full heal and because i hit for 500k-2 mill every hit everything just dies. I hit so hard that my crit hits pop globes out of mobs fairly effectively up to MP8. Of course I die here or there but it really doesn't get much slower. I've had damage meter read off to me 5.5mill dps.
LS > LoH in high MP. Crit Hit/Damage is always better than AS. Unless you are 40% + crit hit and 500% crit damage you should not sacrifice either of those stats for AS.
yes I'm sure that's true, also I bet with the slightly lower attack speed you don't need as high of mana regen. I'll have to give the skorn another chance sometime.

Besides that, you have dps focused gear like witching hour and lacunis. Those will likely be my next big investments for a less tanky, faster farming WD. the 100 vit from blackthorns used to be appealing to me, but seems to matter less with lifesteal
11/13/2012 03:57 PMPosted by bicen
You want 2M bear crits? I got 2M bear crits.

WOW, nice build and gear!
11/13/2012 04:02 PMPosted by Fragifier
you have a tal's ammy with 9 crit, and lacuni with 6 crit... maybe when i get a few billion gold to spend i can get soma dat deeps

crit chance has zero impact on the size of crits, u want large numbers? get a 2hand weapon.
also mana is much more of a problem for 1hand/mojo vs 2hand for bears build, esp at higher mp.

your post is full of bad tips, sry OP. you only go 1hand/mojo when you're trying to build perma bears
I think I might be missing something but where do you see the size of your crits?
its all in the min dmg... i do 400k dmg on crit using 1h n mojo.. 800k-1m+ using skorn..
anyone who says that 1h can reach 1m crit with bears is lying.. unless their total min dmg is above 1k or their crit dmg is at 700%
ya but still unsure how to figure out crits of bears. Does anyone have a link. After spending 15m last night to move my unbuffed dps from 111k to 119k I think learning about how to increase my crits is my best option to learn how to do more damage.
It's not that hard. I've gotten up to 1.5 on my DPS gear set
Enable Crits Numbers from the Options menu?

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