What gear should I upgrade? To what?

If any what should I upgrade and to what. Right now I'm blowing thru MP3 no problem with dps builds. But I want to upgrade more. Keep in mind I have a nice echoing fury & stormshield for sword and board. Those are on my Templar @ the moment. Any criticism would be great (constructive of course) I'm about to blow thru the rest of inferno then start farming mid MP levels what do I need?

If you're going to do mid MP levels then I don't see where your life steal is going to come from.
I don't see how you are going to run animosity in mid MP with your current gear and build. 76k life almost demands that you run inspiring presence.

You are running Battle Rage but your crit chance is too low.... it's under 20%. If you had great crit chance then you could use overpower or battle rage with into the fray to generate loads of fury. You should replace the ring with 3.5 crit chance with a 6% crit chance and you can get better legendary rings than that one. A Skull Grasp or Unity would be a great upgrade for you.
my crit is @ 21.5% actually....so yeah i'm grabbing a unity or skull grasp in a moment. What else?
Question what's your budget for upgrades?

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