To all kind bros here, Please rate my DH. Thx

Demon Hunter
Hi guys, can give me a review or rating of my DH according to your personal opinion ?

Big thanks
@da fuhrer 7/10..get some hp,life steal..wat's ur dps without sharpshooter?
below average, sorry.

you will need crit chance so you will not need to rely on sharp shooter passive.

nice gears but most stuff is missing at least crit chance.

nice to see firewalkers instead of nats boots or ice climbers.. so different i guess? but the other 2 options are much better. nat boots combo with the cloak, even crappy ones, will boost your base dps nicely as well as your defenses.

really tho, who cares? if you're havin fun and enjoyin the class, keep at it.
Hey not too bad, couple things I would question:

1. Why use firewalkers and not a set of Nat's boots to get you the 7% crit bonus?
2. Your rings can be improved on a lot (2 dmg affixes and either life or AR would be beneficial)
3. You're life needs a boost to (if you can) around 40k or higher
4. boost your crit chance overall so you can drop sharp shooter for something like perfectionist
5. Look for lacunis with CC or drop them for something with much better EHP such as a strongarm with dex and AR. You dont need 36% movement speed if lacunis dont have crit.

Those would be my recommendations to improve on :) and please take this as constructive criticism I am not trashing you or your DH.
biggest change u could go for is MORE vit
25k hp ... one shot wonder?

i would suggest either changing the viles to have +vit on them or... cheaper option is
bracers with all res, 6crit, dex,vit.

MS caps at 25% ingame so no need to have 36%
Up your CC to at least 35-40%
Get more RA id say about 300
Increase your health to at least 30-35k

11/14/2012 08:06 AMPosted by Onibaku
MS caps at 25% ingame so no need to have 36%

Move speed is definitively goes above 25%.
i meant as gear bonus. 25%

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