WTS 172k unbuffed DPS Poison Monk! SOLD!

Hey there I'm back again with another set! The stats are: 172k unbuffed dps, 4769 armor, 624 resist, 34k hp (with exp gem, will get to ~40k with hp gem), 438 lps, 2.8% ls, 43% crit, 549% crit damage.

Gears here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Mooshmellow-1508/hero/16610413
Rest of the stats are here: http://i.imgur.com/fRdJD.jpg

EDIT: SOLD for 780m!

This set is MP10 ready! I do solo MP 10 when I get bored of lower MPs.

All gems are included in the set. I will swap out the exp gem for a star amethyst once there's a buyer. I'm currently farming keys at MP 7 and doing ubers at MP 8-10. Also, please keep in mind that my paragon level is currently 62.

Looking for paypal / gold offers. For paypal the buyer must be willing to go first.
Setting the price at $550 or 800m. Add me if you have any questions! Mooshmellow#1508

Sets I've sold in the past:
you can't sell hellfire, and that ring is 30k your dps :))
Ah yes, here's the ring that'll be included in the set:

Faith Innocence
+29-52 Damage
85 Dex
134 Vit
42 Poison Resist
25% Crit Damage
4% Crit
one tip, if you are selling it more than $200 at least put some decent gem to it. :D
Thanks for the tip. However I see no point in making this set more expensive. I'll upgrade the gems if the buyer requests it :P
I think you already offered that before. :P But thanks anyway!
Free bump... I am interested. Will ping u soon.
Alrighty add me! I'll be on in 6 hours or so.
What's bad about it?
Hi - I unfortunately missed this and I would have paid 800 mill.... Do you think you will be building a set like this again in the near future? I recently sold off my WD and wanted to try a monk, which I have just started leveling so no rush :)
Actually I'm building another set as we speak. It should be ready in a day or two.

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