Steal an item from the barbarian above you

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Select 1 item on the Barb above you and "steal" it.
I'll take your helm, could do with the AR.
11/08/2012 04:33 PMPosted by Infinite
I'll take your helm, could do with the AR.

Always liked these threads. Your mace -- for the black weapon bonus.
I will take ur everything, acrimony!

But if i were to pick one, IK chest it is!
Thanks for the IK reign Lord ;D
belt from psychosteve..would have to go back to bash with that
I would take your sickle
@Jae, your chest is uber
@TEDDYBEAR your firewalkers
@renegade chest...I need a nice IK chest
@Grillrd your vile ward
@Otto your hellfire ring I think

@Coleslaw your pants kkthx
11/08/2012 05:37 PMPosted by Asyreal
@Coleslaw your pants kkthx

That hellfire ring HRNNNNNNG

1 Inferno Jondar run :P.

1 Inferno Jondar run :P.

You're about 21 minutes late >_>
@doctaphilly Stone of jordan ring :D nice 30 elite and cold dmg
What I get for using forums at work and doing work at the same time haha.
@Balinn prob Ik chest and resell for a couple mill =)

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